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2 Stones that Transform Life

There are a host of precious stones and gems that can transform your life when you wear them. Here are the 2 expensive stones which have mighty transformational powers in humans. Here goes:

  1. Amber: This stone has had a time honored tradition of being an energizing and healing property. Used extensively in some cultures, amber with its orange tinge can be truly a purifier of the human heart. Men and women who have worn this stone have spoken about the energetic and positive energy that the stone exudes. This is a yellowish stone, one that transforms the bad force into something that is clear and better. This stone is widely worn in times of illness and can help nurture the life force and emotional desires in the right direction. Amber also activates the life force and promotes wellness in humans and those who wear these. There is increased metabolism and flow of energy into the many parts of the body. This stone is excellent for the well-being of your eyes and your sense organs. It brings about a period of good luck and is very sensual and magnetic. Amber is also known to have been a nice healer for those who are aggressive and very volatile.
  2. Amethyst: This stone is known for its rich hue and is known for purifying and expanding the human longevity. It can also aid meditation and is known to have a calming influence on your body. It also curbs over- indulgence and can heal unhealthy habits. By balancing the nervous system and brain, amethyst can actually resonate positivity and direction in humans after you wear it.


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