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4 Tips to Take Care of Your Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a prized possession that adds to your beauty when it’s stylishly worn with the right outfit.  It is designed to last a lifetime but proper care and maintenance is necessary to keep it shining forever.

Some ladies buy fine jewelry items out of excitement and fascination, but take little care for its maintenance. As a result, these sparkling pieces gradually lose their shine.

Here are 4 tips you can follow to take care of your treasured jewelry and keep them sparkling for generations to come.

1) Keep Them Away from Chemicals

Jewelry and chemicals don’t get along well. Be it platinum, gold or silver, exposure to chemicals can discolour precious metals and gemstones. Avoid using perfumes, hairsprays, body lotions or other cosmetic products while wearing fine jewelry items as these products contain chemicals that can cause permanent damage. You should also avoid diving into a swimming pool while wearing jewelry made from delicate stones and metals as swimming pool water contains chlorine which is also harmful to your sparkling things.

2) Get Them Professionally Cleaned Once in a Year

Professional cleaning of your fine jewelry is necessary to extend its life and retain its natural shine. Regular wear jewelry items like engagement rings with intricate design should be cleaned at least twice per year to keep it free from dirt.

3) Store Each Piece Separately

Don’t toss your jewelry into a drawer or store it tangled in a box. When stored in a box or drawer, metal jewelry items get rubbed against each other causing scratches. To avoid this, clean them with a dry cloth and place them separately in a box or wrap each one of them in a soft cloth. If you’re travelling, then use a travel pouch to carry your jewelry.

4) Apply Safe Cleaning Methods

Each stone or metal requires a different cleaning method. For example, pearls are soft gems that can easily get scratched. To clean them, dip a makeup brush in soapy water and clean them softly. After cleaning the gems, lay them on a dry towel and don’t touch them until dry. For coloured gemstones, clean them by using mild dish soap and a soft brush. Remember to rinse your jewelry in a glass of water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. You may lose a stone if you clean them directly under the faucet, so try and avoid this. For cleaning silver jewelry, use warm water and a mild cleaner (without ammonia or bleach), but don’t soak your jewelry for too long or else it will oxidize.

Taking care of your jewelry is necessary to retain its beauty and shine. Keep it away from chemicals, apply appropriate cleaning methods, store it carefully and get it professionally cleaned at least once per year. Remember that buying fine jewelry is a complete waste if you don’t value it.

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