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4 Unique Uses for Silver That May Surprise You

Silver is a unique metal with several incredible uses. It is one of the earliest metals to be used for making coins and the most popular metal for jewelry making after gold. This white metal has beneficial properties such as thermal conductivity, malleability and ductility, thus making it a versatile material able to be used for multiple applications.

Previously, we discussed the unusual uses for gold, but silver is one step ahead of gold in terms of applications. This is due to its abundance and inexpensiveness compared to gold.

Today’s post highlights 4 unique uses for silver you might not know.

1) Electronics

Silver has high thermal conductivity making it a great conductor of heat and electricity. That’s why it is an extremely popular material for making electronics such as electrical switches. It is used to make the contacts in electrical switches. When the contacts join, the switches turn on whereas when you separate them the switch turns off. These electrical switches are used in everything from automobiles, microwaves and even in your bedroom light.

2) Photography

Silver halide or silver salt (a chemical compound between element silver and a halogen) is widely used in traditional photographic films due to its sensitivity to light. These films are coated with silver halide crystals in gelatin. When the photographic films are exposed to light, they change colour and develop into a photograph.

3) Energy

Silver plays a vital role in harnessing solar power. Photovoltaic solar cells are coated with silver paste because of its ability to capture and store solar energy. When sun rays impact the semiconducting layer of the solar cell, electrical current is produced and carried by the silver present in the cell. Apart from solar energy, nuclear energy also utilises the versatile powers of this white metal. Silver is used in control rods to catch neutrons and decrease the speed of fission in nuclear reactors.

4) Medicine

The antibacterial properties of silver make it a popular ingredient in the medical industry. Since this white metal reduces infection, it is used in implants, prosthesis, bandages, eye drops, catheters, dental fillings and most interestingly in needles and sutures. Surgeons use silver needles and sutures to close wounds to protect against infection. A silver coating is applied on lab coats used by doctors and lab technicians to create a protective shield against the growth of microorganisms.

Silver is a multifunctional metal that has incredible properties. It is not just a precious metal used for making coins and jewelry items. It deserves more attention and appreciation apart from being a part of your locker. Now that you have realised the importance of silver, if you plan to buy or sell it, then contact our team at Oren to get the maximum return for your valuable items.

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