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5 Important Tips You Should Know When You Sell Diamonds

If a diamond is a forever for you, you must follow a few tips that can go a long way in ensuring that you get the best price at selling your precious diamonds. The costs of diamonds is fast reaching a high and the taste for it increasing manifold. Since diamonds have no quantifiable melt value like gold, many inexperienced sellers can become confused and a bit overwhelmed. You should follow a few things when you actually set out to sell gold.

There are certain things you should follow when you sell your diamonds. Keep in mind the following tips when you consider hocking your expensive white stone.

  1. Always know what you are selling beforehand. Diamonds need a qualified appraisal and you should rush to a designated appraiser for a quality check to get a better picture of the marketability of your stone. A qualified appraiser can give you the best and unbiased opinion of the quality of the stone and its characteristics and condition. Keep in mind the positives and negatives of the stone and that can be a valuable asset you carry on when you sell your custom piece.
  2. Remember not to spend too much money on a formal assessment. Always visit two or more shops to get a range of opinions. You can get your stone checked for free if you carefully check into a store that has a pawnbroker and a diamond buyer. If you do so, you can get a solid idea of the specifications of your stone. The state of your stone and its marketability can be thus understood.
  3. Always set a good price for your stone. Never rate your stone much higher than what it actually costs. If you analyse your stone first hand, you get a better picture of how much your stone can actually cost. Always put forward a presentable figure one that is not unrealistic. You can actually have two approaches to determining the right price.
  4. Always look at the prices yourself. Check out comparable diamonds up for sale in the market. You should always beware of the fact that a pre-worn jewel can cost you higher than others. Many are looking for a bargain but you should know better and sell the piece well.
  5. Always investigate the options for selling your diamonds. You can sell your wares to jewellers or go for individual buyers who can pay you top price. Negotiate well and always get the best price.

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