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5 Tips to Become a Successful Jewellery Buyer

With gold jewellery undergoing resurgence in recent times, the jewellery buying season never seems to end. You can make a living doing all the buying and selling of jewellery if you wish to. The job of a jewellery buyer can be quite a detailed job with a lot of background checks. The detailing counts and you need a lot of practice and mastery in how to deal with procedure while buying jewellery. Here are a few pointers in that regard:

  1. Determine your likes and dislikes and find out the market trends. Know the colour, weight and shapes of stones and gems. These should also have a certain purity and clarity which you need to make yourself aware of.  To have a good hint of jewellery and stones is a must for becoming a successful jewellery buyer. You can ask around and find out what the latest trends in stones are. A bit of intuition and advice can stand you in good stead.
  2. Apply to training organization and help increase knowledge on jewellery and the art of making jewellery.
  3. Understanding between the fake and the pure is always must. Real jewellery needs a tester who can identify between the ones that are fake and the ones which are not. Try and be cautious and not get fooled at all.
  4. A good analytical power is must for you too and is a big factor of consideration. You should be able to differentiate between the colour and quality.
  5. You also have to master your buying skills and learn the techniques of fashion. Being sensitive toward the customers and their needs is a must.

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