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5 Unusual Uses for Gold That You Didn’t Know

Gold is a versatile metal used for various purposes. Some of which may surprise you! People generally only consider it as a precious metal used for jewelry making. But gold has many unique properties that are used for several novel applications in different fields.

Gold is a very useful material when you consider its non-financial attributes. Apart from being a medium to store wealth, this precious metal is capable of playing multiple roles. Let’s find out what they are.

1) Implants

From filling cavities to making teeth caps, gold has been used in dentistry for centuries. But, apart from dental implants, gold is also used for other medical implants such as stents, pace makers, and other medical devices. It is bio-compatible, bacteria-resistant and durable, thus making it an ideal metal to be used for medical purposes.

2) Pharmaceuticals

Back in 2500 BC, Chinese physicians used gold for treating various ailments such as skin ulcers, smallpox and furuncles. This valuable metal was converted into compounds such as gold sodium thiomalate (gold salt) and used as a common cure for rheumatoid arthritis. It was consumed orally or through intramuscular injections. This treatment was stopped due to various side-effects.

3) Space Equipment

Ever wondered what’s that golden tint on an astronaut’s helmet? It’s gold. Astronauts’ helmets (visors) are covered by a thin layer of gold to protect them from solar radiation. It deflects sunlight and protects their eyes from harmful sun rays. Apart from spacesuits, gold is an essential coating material used in space vehicles and satellites to stabilize temperature and reflect infrared radiation.

4) Electronic Devices

It’s commonly taught in physics classes that gold is a good conductor of electricity. Due to this property, gold has been used in telecommunication devices for decades. Today, all electronic devices including your cell phone and laptop, are built with gold circuits for rapid and accurate transmission of digital information. Gold is noncorrosive and facilitates connectivity, hence a perfect material for electronic devices.

5) Glassmaking

Gold is used in the production of glass in multiple ways. One of the primary uses is as a pigment. When the glass is annealed, a small of amount of gold is suspended in it to get a rich ruby colour. Specialty glasses made for climate-controlled buildings are coated with gold (or gold is dispersed within the glass) to reflect solar radiation and prevent the building from overheating.

Gold has numerous properties that make it a multipurpose metal. Be it an electronic device in your pocket or a satellite in space, gold is everywhere. It’s truly a golden universe!

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