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6 Different Types of Diamond Cuts

Buying gold or silver band for an engagement ring is fine, but it’s just shiny junk without a beautiful diamond attached to it. Nothing can replace this precious stone.

Before buying a diamond, many factors need to be considered such as carat, clarity, and colour. But the quality of a diamond is determined by its cut. The shape or cut of this gem has a huge impact on how big it looks and how well it shines.

Types of Diamond Cuts

If you’re planning to buy a diamond for your engagement or wedding anniversary, then consider these 6 popular cuts before buying.

1) Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut. The round shape with 58 perfectly symmetrical facets maximizes its ability to reflect light making it shinier. It is one of the most sought after shapes and costs higher than the other cuts as a result. This cut is stronger, more durable and has the highest resale value.

2) Princess Cut

First created in 1980, the princess cut diamond is among the most popular choices for engagement rings. Many women prefer to wear it with different styles of rings. This fancy cut is a good alternative to the round cut and can be made with only half of a diamond.

3) Emerald Cut

An emerald cut diamond is cut to give a rectangular shape. This cut is very distinct and gives a vintage look to the jewelry. Due to its rectangular shape, it appears to be larger and has a subtle sparkle. The long lines and dramatic flashes of this cut give an elegant appeal to the diamond.

4) Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds appear to have a square or rectangular shape, but actually have round edges like a cushion. Due to the refinements in the cutting process, this diamond cut has gained immense popularity. This diamond shape is preferred by people who love the classic look.

5) Marquise Cut

The marquise cut is the modified version of a brilliant cut. This diamond cut was created for King Louis XIV. It has a long and narrow shape, like an American football. This oval looking diamond with two pointed ends has a larger surface area.

6) Pear Cut

The perfect combination of round cut and marquise cut, the pear cut diamonds have a very good symmetry. The shape is similar to that of a pear (hence the name). It has a conical point at one end and makes the wearer’s fingers appear longer and slimmer.

Before choosing a diamond, consider these cuts and decide which one you like. If you want a fancy look, then select a princess cut and if you want a vintage look, then go for an emerald cut. Get your significant other the diamond of their dreams today!

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