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Platinum Jewellery

All You Need to Know About Platinum Jewelry

Platinum, considered the most expensive of all metals is also a much preferred substance for intricate pieces of jewelry. Especially in case of wedding bands and rings, platinum finds a special place in the hearts of many and is considered to be the symbol of everlasting love. For a detailed account of the various aspects of this beautiful white metal read on.

  • Durability

Platinum is 60% denser than most other metals, making it extremely durable. In fact, this aspect makes it perfect for stone settings. Its density and hypoallergenic nature ensure that it does not tarnish. As a result even people with sensitive skin can easily wear jewelry crafted from this metal.

  • Caring for platinum

Despite its sturdy nature, like all precious metals platinum is prone to scratches. For safe-keeping, the pieces should be kept individually in a chamois bag or box. The shine may be restored and maintained easily at home. You simply have to soak the items in a mild mixture of warm water and soap and rub softly with a piece of cloth. Alternatively you can also use jewelry cleaning agents. For those trinkets which are encrusted with precious gemstones, the cleaning should be carried out by professionals twice a year. Sometimes with passage of time, the metal develops a patina. It is considered as unique and desirable by some people; however, many do not like this and they can fix this by simply buffing the item with something soft.

  • Wearing platinum during manual work

This is a strict no-no. When doing heavy work such as gardening or cleaning it is best to remove your platinum jewelry. Avoid handling harsh chemicals and bleach as well as though it may not harm the metal but the gemstones may become discoloured over time.

  • Platinum v/s white gold

Although both appear the same, composition-wise there are no similarities. White gold is made by alloying yellow gold, silver and copper. Often tiny amounts of zinc and nickel are added for an added appeal. Needless to say, for factors like purity, durability, uniqueness and strength, both are far apart from each other. In fact, there is often a slight yellowish tinge to white gold. Platinum is also far heavier than gold, almost 60% more. These days both platinum and gold are being combined together for more variety in designs.

Platinum jewelry pieces are both valuable and coveted. It is sophisticated and lends a distinguished aura to the wearer. Ultimately, platinum may be expensive but it surely has no substitutes.

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