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Caring for Pearls

Pearls have been a symbol of style and perfection since ancient times. To maintain a perfect set of pearls you have to keep in minds some simple things. Unlike hard gems pearls are really soft and sensitive to touch. They need special care. Here some essential tips to help your pearls stay lustrous and round:

  1. Always wear pearls away from perfume and body scents. Also, if you sweat profusely, make sure you wipe the pearls after you take them off. Oil, powders and other cosmetics should be kept off.
  2. When you clean pearls, use mild and recommended jewellery cleaners. Pearl cleaners may also be used. Clean pearls but do not soak them in detergent. Rinse the pearls in lukewarm water and do not scrub or rub. Allow the pearls to dry on a flat surface or a moisture absorbing surface like a towel. Never soak these stones for more than a few seconds even when you are rinsing. The surface peels off and the pearl’s shine may get affected if you do so.
  3. Pearls also need air to stay white and shiny. Never store them in air-tight containers or with other jewellery. Plastic bags should also be avoided. Some plastics even emit chemicals that may damage the pearls.
  4. Keep pearls away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. You should also avoid harsh chemicals such as hairspray, body deodorants and alcohol-based beauty products. These products and their use may be harmful for pearls and the surface might get eroded.
  5. Do not store pearls for long periods. This may dry the surface and fracture the skin. Store your pearls flat and never hang them. If you store pearls in the cupboard make sure the thread in necklaces does not hang and break prematurely.

The most important point to remember is that pearls are best kept when you wear them on your skin. So keep flaunting those pearls!

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