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Cash for Gold: an Antique Theme

Cash for gold is a theme that has been rampant the world over, and is one of the most popular schemes that we run here at Oren is Better. But why gold? Gold being one of the most precious and prized possessions since ancient times, is a subject that fascinates us till date. The fascination with gold has a lot to with the fact that it has been associated with royalty and nobility. Since the time of its discovery and the awareness of the fact that it is a rare and precious metal, it has been favored by the rich and poor alike who sell gold and buy gold regularly. In many cultures around the world like India and eastwards, the importance of gold stands till date, when a family’s worth is measured by the amount of gold worn as ornaments by its women.

Wearing gold is a matter of great pride and it signifies the stature of the person wearing it. In countries like India and Singapore, even the men wear gold chains and rings to signify noble connections. The use of gold as jewelry can be traced back to the Egyptian civilization, which was probably the first time that the actual value of the metal came to the fore. From being used to carve out entire crowns to jewelry that would weigh down ladies and kings alike, this metal came to be a favorite.

Even now, the fascination with gold as a metal refuses to die down. Entire economies and countries are measured for net worth depending on the gold influx and outflow in a particular financial year. This balance after numerous calculations, then leads up to a rate that is set for its currency depending on the amount of gold being held by the country in question. This is the extent to which gold influences commerce and international power play in the economic sense.

To sell gold is a matter of gaining financial advancement. We may have come far in terms of technical advancement from where the Egyptians were, but our core values in terms of precious metals and the use of the same, remain similar. It is a connect that we have made so as to remind ourselves that we are still very much a civilization that sprung from those early civilizations. Cash for gold is a theme that propagates the use of gold for similar financial advancement. Do call or visit to find out more.

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