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    If you’re in Canada and want to sell your precious gold items, there is no better place than Oren Jewellery. Our honesty and integrity make us one of the top cash-for-gold buyers in Toronto. We deal in all types of antique valuables and precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. It doesn’t matter if your valuables are old, damaged or have lost their colour. If they’re pure and authentic, we will offer you the best possible price for them. At Oren Jewellery, we strike a fair deal and always work towards our customers’ utmost satisfaction. We don’t have any middleman or agent expenses, so we can pass the savings on to our clients. We have a team of experts who ascertain the price of your valuables and guide you through the entire gold selling process. It’s quick, easy and confidential. Just bring in your valuables and we’ll pay in cash. As professionals, complete satisfaction of our previous customers in Toronto is important to us. We take customer reviews very seriously.

    What makes us #1

    • Best possible price for your valuables
    • Free evaluation. No obligation.
    • Quick cash. No waiting.
    • No middleman expenses
    • World-class team of experts
    • 100% customer satisfaction
    • Many positive reviews from previous customers




    At Oren Jewellery, we have been dealing in gold valuables and antique possessions for a very long time. As true professionals, we understand that selling your precious belongings could be emotionally difficult which is why we respect the sensitivity of the process. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a simple selling process for our customers.

    All you need to do is bring in your valuables, fill out an evaluation form with details about them and then leave the rest to our team of skilled appraisers. Their job is to evaluate the real value of your possessions, taking into consideration their weight, type and karat quality. Should you accept the price offer and establish the authenticity of your valuables, you get cash for gold on the spot. In case you’re not happy with our price offer and you want to hold on to your possessions, that’s also fine. Whether you decide to trade in your valuables or not, you’ll at least know their market value.

    STEP 1 - WALK IN

    Bring in all the valuables that you wish to sell. From gold jewellery and gold coins to other expensive metals like silver, platinum and palladium, we buy a range of precious items.


    Our team of expert appraisers assess the current market value of your precious items and make a fair offer.


    If you agree to the price offer, we’ll do all the paperwork and make the payments upfront. You will walk out with your cash. The process is as simple as that.



    The gold market is vulnerable to price swings and your gold possessions might be worth more now than when you owned them. In order to give you the best and most deserving rate for your valuables, our team of assessors make a fair evaluation based on the real time value of gold.

    No gimmicks, only true value guaranteed.


    Pawning gold for cash is a common practice these days. Whether you need money for business expansion, education or any urgent financial crisis, gold loans are a quick and convenient funding option. At Oren Jewellery, we accept all types of valuables like gold and silver jewellery, coins, diamonds, precious stones and luxury watches. Once we’re done with the value estimation process in our refinery, we offer you the best exchange value. The approval process is quick and hassle-free.

    Don’t worry, your valuables stay safe with us as they’re kept in our fire and theft proof vaults. When the loan period is over, you start paying the loan amount along with the interest. On complete clearance of the loan amount, you get back your prized possessions.



    Finding a genuine gold buyer is crucial for you to get a price that’s worth parting with your gold possessions. Keep these three things in mind when locating a professional gold dealer.

    Check all possible options: Don’t settle for just any gold buyer that you come across in your area. Instead, make a list of multiple gold traders in your town and then get quotes from each of them. Check out your various options and choose the best. Be smart, take your time and never work on impulse.

    Find a certified buyer: Always choose a certified and reputable buyer to avoid any case of loss or fraud. Ask for trading certificates and check if they’re a member of any jewellery trade association. Also check if they have any customer complaints regarding buying or selling of gold items.

    Ensure transparency of work: Always choose a trader that has transparency in their appraisal and transaction process. Make sure that the value assessment procedure happens in front of you and not behind closed doors. You have the right to know every single thing about the process.

    A genuine gold buyer takes the following factors into consideration when calculating the value of gold

    Weight: This is the very first step when evaluating the price for gold. Assessors first check the weight of the valuables.

    Karat Value: Karat denotes the purity of gold and buyers conduct an acid test for determining their purity. In fact, this is the most important factor in the gold trading process.

    Market Status: The gold market is vulnerable and the value can change at any time. Simply put, the price of your gold items depends on the current market conditions.

    Not at all. Once the in-house team is done with the price evaluation process, they make an offer to you. You can either accept the price offer and walk out of the store with instant cash or simply refuse the offer and hold on to your prized possessions. At Oren Jewellery, you are in full control of your final selling decision. The assessment process is free and there’s nothing mandatory about selling your valuables.

    Most people face financial crisis at least once in their lifetime. In such situations, selling your gold items can help you out. At Oren Jewellery, we understand the urgency of the situation and offer instant payment in cash for gold. No checks or store credit. We make only upfront payment in cash.