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Choosing a High-Quality Emerald Gemstone

Emeralds are listed as one of the nine most revered gemstones in the world. Among many Asian cultures, the beryl gemstones are considered to be therapeutic elements that can cure spiritual, mind and bodily damages and defects. It is also referred to as the “Stone of Unconditional Love” as wearing it on the ring finger or close to the heart is said to strengthen relationships and bring liveliness to the soul.

For many unmarried women and men, it is considered to bring good luck. But, the benefits can only be enjoyed if you choose a gemstone that displays the properties of a genuine emerald and is flawless. In this blog post we have compiled a few tips, so it’s easier for you to select a high-quality emerald stone.

High-Quality Emerald Gemstone

Considering the 4 C’s

When buying an emerald of a high-quality, it is vital for you to consider the 4 C’s of the stone. These are the carat, colour shades, clarity and cut. These four parameters must be looked into thoroughly before purchase.

Inspect the Warmness

This means that you should properly check whether the stone is a fake one or authentic. It can be done by taking two pieces of the gem and feeling the weight of both. If you can feel some sort of warmth in the palm of your hand, it means that the stone is completely natural and original.

Examine the Treatment

When buying an emerald, you should consider the treatment that the stone has probably undergone. A natural stone will not have any inclusions and will be much costlier than its counterparts. This is why you should know that every gemstone receives some form of treatment to bring about improvement in its quality. Remember, what truly matters is the number of inclusions or treatment that the stone has undergone.

Study the Origin

The origin of the stone should be taken into consideration. This means you should be aware of where the stone was spotted or originated from. A completely natural stone can be found in Brazil or Zambia. Therefore, when purchasing the stone, you should make it a point to ask the seller from where the stone originates. Zambian emeralds should be given more of a preference over its Brazilian counterparts.

Check the Cut

Although this may not seem of much importance, you should always check the cut of the stone to pick out the ones belonging to the best quality. Two of the best kinds are the cushion cut stone or the oval cut ones.

Purchase from an Authentic Seller

Never purchase an emerald from a trader who may sell fake or the wrong kind of gemstone. This is why it is important to conduct thorough research on the seller and read what other customers have to say about their experience with them. You should only proceed with the company once you have fully evaluated their market reputation.

Real versus Synthetic

Owing thanks to technology, many sellers can offer synthetically manufactured stones which are available at a lower rate. However, their usefulness is still a topic of confusion for many. Most suggest that the synthetic versions of emeralds can be just as good as the real stones as they have the same colour gradient and same composition as the natural emeralds.

Many top-selling jewellers plainly distinguish between their synthetic and natural collections. But, the things they don’t tell their buyers is the technology used to manufacture the stones, their quality grade or whether they have been artificially dyed, etc. Hence, it is important to clarify these doubts before purchasing the gemstone.

Emerald is a precious gemstone, which is in high demand, mainly due to the many various kinds of benefits it can provide to its wearer. This is why it is important to make sure you are purchasing an authentic gemstone from dealer. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy when you are out to purchase this precious gemstone to add to your collection.

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