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Cleaning Tips to Maintain Platinum Jewellery

Platinum jewellery is one of the priceless of possessions you can have. Taking care of the white metal is not easy. However, if you follow some rules, maintaining platinum jewellery can be simple.

  1. Remember to take utmost care of platinum jewellery that is encrusted with diamonds. Diamond settings may lead to discoloration of platinum. Be careful and always wrap these items in cotton when you keep them in the closet.
  2. Ensure that platinum jewellery is polished once a year from a reputable and qualified jeweler. Be careful of what is done to your jewellery when you send it to the jeweler for cleaning. Many lesser known jewelers may recast or resize platinum jewellery with white gold or silver. This leads to a diminishing of the worth of the jewellery. Many of us are taken off guard but you should stay guarded against all such unscrupulous acts.
  3. Do not use strong cleaning agents if you want to clean platinum items. Use warm soap water instead if you are cleaning at home. A good wipe after the wash will help revive the shine and polish. Ammonia and warm water too can be used to clean the metal.
  4. You can also use vodka to clean the insides and details of platinum ornaments. Place the jewellery in the martini glass and cover it with vodka. Allow it to stay on for more than three hours. Clean the items in cold water. The finish and brilliance all stays for long this way.
  5. If you are willing to spend more on cleaning, you can also go for an ultrasonic jewellery clean-up. These clean-up technologies use high-frequency sound to clean platinum jewellery.

Always remember that platinum should not be kept alongside gold or silver. It should be kept in separate containers and protected in cotton. It is advisable that you clean platinum items at least once a year so that the appearance is maintained and the items remain dazzling forever!

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