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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your Dream Engagement Ring

A marriage proposal is one of the most special and exciting moments in a couple’s life. When you’re in love, everything seems surreal. However, when it comes to proposing marriage to the woman of your life, it’s important to do it right. Nothing should be taken casually or done on a whim. It takes a lot of thought and preparation to make your proposal ceremony a romantic and memorable experience.

While there are so many things that go into the planning of a dream proposal, picking the right engagement ring is more than important. Keep a cool head during the buying process and make sure that you’re doing everything right. Consider questions like “Will she love her diamond ring?” “Will it fit her?” “Can I exchange or sell diamond ring, if necessary?” Remember that buying a diamond band is a huge financial and emotional investment. Avoid these common engagement ring mistakes and everything else will fall in place.



5 Most Common Engagement Ring Mistakes

  1. Making an Indecisive Purchase

Your engagement ring has a lot of monetary and emotional value behind it. After all, it’s your first step towards strengthening the bond with your partner. That’s why you should take your time when buying the perfect engagement band. Shop around and see what different jewellers, both online and in-stores, have to offer. You also need a proper budget before you start shopping for the perfect ring. Else, you might end up spending a lot more than you can afford. With a well-estimated budget, you can look at rings within an affordable range.

  1. Not Knowing Her Choice

Your sweetheart is going to wear the diamond ring for the rest of her life, so it’s important to choose a design that suits her tastes. Since proposals are meant to take your partner by surprise, you can’t inquire about her taste right away. However, you can ask her best friend and family about her favourite designs. If she loves wearing jewellery, take note of what she likes, for example a specific diamond cut, setting or design. You can also follow her Instagram and Pinterest profile to find out about her preference. See if she follows any jewellery page in particular or if she has pinned a certain type of ring to her Pinterest board.

  1. Guessing Her Ring Size

What’s worse than proposing with a ring that’s too small or too big for her? It’s tough to guess the perfect finger measurement, but there are ways to get close to it. You could ask her best friend or siblings, or you could also show one of her rings that she currently wears at the jewellery store. An average ring finger measures 6-6.5, so in case you can’t figure out her size, go for a standard sized diamond ring. You can get it resized at a local jewellery store, if required.

  1. Only Researching Online

When you’re investing in a precious thing like your diamond engagement ring, it’s better to do it in person than doing online. It’s almost impossible to judge the quality of a diamond without having seen and assessed it in person. Pay special attention to the diamond’s cut, which refers to the stone’s shape and the way it reflects light. Remember that the price of a diamond depends on its cut. The better the cut, the higher is its price.  Even a 1.00 carat diamond may look like a .90 carat diamond because it’s poorly cut. Many fraud online jewellers sell diamond rings with a poor cut, but they won’t disclose it to you. If you’re an ignorant buyer, you can easily fall in their trap.

  1. Not Consulting a Specialist

A skilled jeweller or craftsperson is the best person who can help you choose the engagement ring ideal for her. With years of experience in the jewellery business, the specialists can answer all your questions. This is a better option than consulting a salesperson at the department store who has little or no real-world jewellery experience.

Research, make a budget, check the exchange or return policy, don’t fall for fake online reviews and consult a diamond specialist. Keep these important factors in mind and buy the perfect engagement ring that she truly deserves. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing her eyes glitter with joy as you go down on your knees. Good luck!

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