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A Complete Guide to Ammolite – A Prominent Gemstone of the Millennium (Part-II)

In our previous blog post, we mentioned the colours that ammolite is available in and its iridescence, chromatic shift and the clarity and lustre of the stone.

Read further to know more about this rare gemstone.

  • Treatment

Typically, ammolite is enhanced by layering. It is far too fragile to be used in jewellery without incorporating any enhancements. Layering is very common in the gem trade and can often be seen in the form of opal doublets and triplets. Resins, epoxy, polymer and lacquer are usually used to impregnate and stabilize the gemstone preventing the layers from flaking. The doublets have a hard bottom, generally, obsidian or a different type of glass with a thin strip of the gem glued to the top. The triplets consist of a third layer of clear crystal which enhances the durability along with the gem’s iridescence.

  • Cut

Generally, pieces of ammolite receive symmetrical cuts which can showcase the symmetrical colours. Consumers tend to prefer more standard shapes such as rectangles or ovals rather than pieces which are off-shaped. The unique material of the gemstone allows it to be incorporated in modern and asymmetrical jewellery designs.

  • Significance

Ammolite is a gemstone which holds great value in Feng Shui. Many experts in the field believe that it is an influential stone and that it has the ability to provide numerous positive effects on the human body. Along with detoxification, it can also enhance the flow of energy in the body. The gemstones containing combinations of red, yellow and green colours are given the highest preference as they are thought to attract splendour, intellect and progress.

  • Healing Powers

Along with its significance in Feng Shui, the gemstone is also believed to have numerous other properties. Many believe that the ammolite emits positive Earth energy which brings prosperity, good fortune and miracles to the wearer. Many use it while meditating, as it is believed to support the process. People have also been known to use the gemstone to increase their energy levels and strength. The gemstone is also used to attain positive health results.

  • Jewellery

Jewellery made of ammolite is attractive, colourful and rich looking. The brilliant beauty of the stone has the ability to captivate the attention of anyone looking at it. Varieties of the gem can be found online at wholesale rates. However, its rare specimens can be found in the form of bracelets, earrings and rings in reputed jewellery stores. When combined with silver or gold, it creates jewellery with an astonishing effect which is bound to stand out.

  • Cleaning and Care

Jewellery with ammolite looks its best when cleaned with warm water using a microfiber cloth which is tightly woven or any other type of soft cloth. The best thing to do, however, is taking your jewellery to a professional jeweller as they can provide thorough inspection and cleaning. Also, try to avoid getting any scratches on the stone while wearing the jewellery. Each of the fine jewellery pieces can be stored separately in a padded or a soft cloth-lined container.

Ammolite is a globally celebrated gemstone for various reasons. Available in a wide range of patterns and colours, the organic gemstone is a greatly desired product. Add this to your collection to make a statement. If you are looking for genuine gems, similar to ammolite, contact Oren Is Better, a leading jewellery seller in Canada.

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