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When you plan to buy that expensive diamond jewellery set keep in mind some points. A diamond purchase is not always an easy task. You have to be extremely careful and be mindful of certain things:

  1. Always remember the 4Cs. Color, the cut, carat weight and clarity are the four things you should keep in mind. These parameters determine the quality and price of the diamond. Internally flawless diamonds are premium and special diamonds. These are always highly priced. Jewelers use it to make solitaires. Always check the type of diamond you are buying.
  2. Buy certified diamonds only. All diamonds bought and sold in the market are not certified. When you buy from a retailer, make sure the diamond you select has been certified by a trusted and well known national or international certification agency. A certification helps authenticate the quality of a diamond.
  3. You should be aware of the buy-back policy of the store from where you buy the diamond from. Always check the policies and have the right papers for the diamond you buy. The buy-back policy of diamonds is not always as simple and easy as it is for gold or silver. Nevertheless, you can try exchanging diamond jewellery from the same store you have purchased from. Nearly, 85 per cent of the diamond’s worth can be retrieved if you return it at any time.
  4. Never buy diamonds for investment purposes. Diamonds are also not a hedge against inflation and cannot be used the way gold is in times of monetary emergency. It is used rarely as an investment and you should be extremely cautious. Only if you are a merchant or a trader, diamonds can offer you profits.

Diamonds are classic and rare as stones. The high price always doesn’t mean you get the best. Keep in mind the above points; they go a long way in ensuring you do get the best bargain!

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