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Different types of Silver

925-Sterling-SilverAs we all know, silver is a precious metal and also ranks among the noble metals. However, there are different types of silver that are available in markets. This blog has all the necessary information that will help the readers to identify the different types of silver. Gold and silver are the most common metals that are used to make jewelry. However, considering the soft, ductile and malleable nature of these metals, they are mixed with copper so that they can be made into jewelry. The different types of silver is also determined on the basis of the amount of copper present in it.

  1. Fine silver: This is the purest form of silver with 99.9% of silver. Silver in this form is very soft and jewelry makers have to mix some other metal to get some hardness to make jewelry. Usage of copper for this purpose is most common.
  2. Sterling silver: This silver is most common for making jewelry and has 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Addition of copper does not discolor the silver, but the presence of copper leads to oxidation and gives a blackish appearance over a period of time. This silver is popular in USA for making of jewelry.
  3. German silver: This is not silver at all. It is an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc but is also used for making jewelry.
  4. Indian silver: Heavy silver for jewelry is preferred in India. With 90%-92% silver, an alloy is formed with either lead or copper for a heavier feel.
  5. Bali Silver: This silver has 92.5% purity and is mixed with pewter (a mix of various base metals like nickel, tin, steel or copper) for a grayish look.
  6. Hill tribe silver or Thai silver: This is another form of sterling silver and is used to make jewelry in Thailand.
  7. Turkish Silver: This is another form of sterling silver has some amount of cadmium making it lightweight and tarnish free.

Some other metals like nickel silver, rhodium, pewter, etc. appear white and are often mistaken for silver. But in reality these do not have any element of silver at all. It is advisable to look for marks of purity while buying silver to ascertain the amount of silver content.

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