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Dollars for Gold: The Golden Touch

When you walk into Oren is Better, Midas truly walks with you. At Orens’ we ensure that you get a better deal each time: in fact, we ensure that you get better than the best. With the proverbial Midas touch, you can turn all your gold into cash and dollars. That is because Oren offers dollars for gold: and all at fair rates and a process that unfolds right in front of your eyes.

With Oren, you need to simply take a walk around your home or property and collect the gold, silver, platinum and diamonds that you may not be wearing or using anymore. It may be pieces from your wedding, or pieces handed down to you by people around you. It may be pieces that have been gifted to you or even pieces that you have inherited. In fact, besides the dollars for gold deal, Oren will pay you cash for even estate pieces beginning from homes, to antiques, to kitchen items, crockery, and so much more. We settle estate pieces and help you wrap up chapters that are now well in your past, or your family’s past history.

But where to sell gold? Oren is always looking out for you. Which explains our process. When you walk into our store, you get the best treatment you can imagine. From car parking in front of the door, to safety and finally, that reassuring smile: we really do go all out. And then, we take your pieces and sort them out for you, bit by bit. As we do so, we weigh the pieces, right in front of your eyes and then evaluate and give you the best price that you can find in the market. In fact, what you get at Orens’ will be difficult for any other gold buyer to match.

In case you are wondering where to sell gold, your answer is right here in front of your eyes. With an iron clad confidentiality clause, we make your transactions smooth, and not to mention, fair. We give you all the ease and comfort to understand and decide and give you the cash right away for the commodities you would have painstakingly carried to our store.

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