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Estate Jewelry – How to Find Quality Buys

If you are into antique jewelry, there’s a chance you haven’t come across the term, ‘estate jewelry’. Estate jewelry is basically pre-owned jewelry. However, it shouldn’t be confused with antique jewelry. The main difference is that antique jewelry needs to be 100 years or older, while estate jewellery can be any age.

If you’re a fan of wearing beautiful jewelry, and don’t mind it being used, then estate jewelry is what you should be looking for.

Keep the following points in mind if you’re ready to begin the search for estate jewelry. They’ll help you find the best deals, and save you a head-ache to boot!

Scrutinize the seller

Before you drop any money on any items, you need to investigate the seller. Check the items that he/she put on sale. If you find the same kind of designer jewelry up for sale, then they are not authentic. Estate pieces are rare and unique. Bulk items that look similar are not estate jewelry.

Another way to check the seller is to look for recommendations from buyers who have bought estate jewel pieces from them in the past. If they have satisfied clients, then it’s likely the seller is genuine.

Ignore unrealistic prices

Estate jewellery is uncommon and not found often. You can’t expect to get quality items at low prices. It’s typically better and safer to shell out a few extra dollars on an item you know is high-quality over one that’s questionable. As a rule of thumb, jewelry that costs less than $50 is a huge red flag.

Investigate the prongs

Prongs hold the precious gemstones onto the jewelry. Damaged prongs can make the stone fall out and your jewelry will lose most of its value and charm. Even if the damage is minor, get the item repaired by the seller before the purchase.

Be careful with sparkling jewels

If you’re looking for estate jewelry that is unique, then don’t be blinded by sparkling jewels. An old jewel won’t be shining. In fact, the more faded it appears, the more likely it is to be authentic.

Try out an estate sell

If you are worried about buying the wrong jewelry from the dealer, then visit an estate sell. Seeking out local classifieds will be a big help in this endeavor. If you find a quality item with the right certification, then it’s a great catch. Estate sales are perfect if you like negotiating prices without having to pay extra to a dealer.

Favour ‘Patina’

Patina is the term used by dealers that refers to the sheen on the jewelry that develops after years of use. Most estate items are sold without restoration. Therefore, a genuine item will likely be tarnished, lustreless and have a few dents. Just make sure it isn’t severely damaged.

The final verdict

Estate pieces typically have fine workmanship and vintage styles. This is what lures so many into buying them. Finding quality pieces need not be difficult. There are many credible, certified online dealers that can help you find beautiful pieces at an affordable price.

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