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Fascinating Facts About Aquamarine

When people think of jewellery, the first two things that come to mind are the metal, usually gold and the gemstone which is generally diamonds. Although there may not be many substitutes for gold, there are many alternatives to diamonds. There is a vast range of gemstones available in any colour you can think of. Among them, one of the most popular is the blue Aquamarine.

Facts About Aquamarine

An aquamarine can make you fall in love with its breathtaking beauty resembling the deep blue sea. You will want to immerse in its serene and calm exuberance. The icy blue and enchanting gemstone is popularly used in fine jewellery and is also finding its way into royal jewellery all over the world. It is one of our favourite gemstones here at Oren is Better, one of the leading custom jewellery buyers and sellers in Toronto. We’ve put together a list of fascinating things you should know about the gem.


The origin of the stone is Brazil although the stone can be found in many different parts of the world. The other sources include regions like China, India, Australia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, the USA, Nigeria, Namibia, Myanmar and Madagascar.


Aquamarine is also known as the stone of courage and carries excellent calming energies to relax the mind and reduce stress. The stone is considered to be a boon for those sensitive in nature. It can aid in overcoming judgements, clearing confusion for the wearer and improve their intellect. It can promote a healthy and positive pregnancy by protecting the baby and the mother from any harm coming their way.


The easiest way of identifying an aquamarine gemstone is through its brilliant sea-blue colours. It is a sturdy gemstone and carries a vitreous lustre, setting it apart. Along with this, the stone also has brilliant transparency and clarity compared to other stones in the same category. Though the cut of the stone is a key factor, its clarity and colour have a greater impact on determining its quality and value.

How Can Aquamarine Help?

  • Health

Aquamarine is considered to be a healing stone and has some wonderful properties which can help with various mental and physical disorders. It is used for healing problems related to one’s throat and can aid in improving swollen glands and thyroid conditions. The stone can also be of great assistance in improving the immune system. Another healing property of the aquamarine is that it can help regulate your hormones. Individuals with conditions related to the stomach and liver can get effective treatment with the gem.

  • Relationships

The gemstone is regarded as a boon for those struggling to have a great love life and a strong relationship. The amazing energies can make you more sensitive to your partner’s needs. It can help make the partners more understanding and tolerant, so the other person doesn’t get offended or upset easily. The wearer can also achieve more patience and become more considerate and thoughtful than they were before. It can remove fear about an individual’s love life and fears related to commitment or becoming intimate with the other partner.

  • Wealth

It is a powerful stone that attracts an abundance of money and prosperity. It brings good fortune and luck to the wearer. It can help one speak clearly and remove any fear of communication. It improves the wearer’s intellect and can provide quick and effective solutions.

Aquamarine is among the most versatile and at the same time beautiful stones in the world. It’s beautiful range of sizes and colours along with its ability to dazzle and the numerous mystical qualities are what have made aquamarine a favourite among countless gemstones for many years.

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