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Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Gold, Silver and Diamonds

When the buying and selling of jewellery and other valuables are involved, anticipation and hesitation are expected. The entire process is like a roller coaster ride where sellers are in fear of getting conned. They’re likely to have several questions such as which jewellery buyer is reliable, how can I get the fair value for my gold and silver items and whether it is the right time to sell or not.

If you’re thinking of selling your valuable items but have some questions regarding the buying process, then here are answers to some frequently asked questions that can help you out.

1) What are the items that I can sell?

Ans. Most of the pawn shops and jewellery buyers in Toronto accept items made of gold, silver and other precious metals such as coins, bars and bullions. Apart from that, diamonds, engagement rings, antiques and luxury wrist watches are easily bought by the dealers if they’re in good condition. Make sure that the valuable item you’re considering to sell is well kept to get a fair price for it.

2) I’ve heard that certain diamond shapes are costlier than others. Is this true?

Ans. Yes, it’s true. The shape of a diamond is an important consideration in determining its price. Round shaped diamonds are more expensive than others because they’re more in demand. Their brilliance and manufacturing costs responsible increase the demand for round diamonds.

3) How do I determine the worth of the item I own?

Ans. Evaluating the price of the item is not your job. You should not determine the worth of your possession based on online research or the suggestions of a friend. The best way is to take it to an appraiser, evaluator or certified dealer to find out the actual worth.

4) Does broken jewellery or watches have value?

Ans. It depends on the material they’re made up of. Watches and jewellery made of valuable materials retain their value even after they’re broken. If you have a broken piece of jewellery made of precious or semi-precious metal, then it can be easily sold to a dealer. The reason being, it can be restored and sold to a customer. Similarly, a luxury watch even after breaking is of great value because it’s made from expensive materials by reputed artisans.

5) Should I clean the valuables I own before selling them?

Ans. There is no need to clean the valuables you own before selling them because inappropriate cleaning can damage the piece and decrease its value. Vintage jewellery has its own character which is wiped out after it’s cleaned unprofessionally. If you want to get the actual worth of the item, then let it display its patina and let the dealer handle it in his/her own way.

Hopefully, this post helped in clearing your doubts regarding the buying and selling of jewellery and other valuable items. Set aside all your hesitations and go to a reputed jewellery buyer in Toronto to get the best price for your gold, silver and diamonds.

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