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A Guide to the Most Expensive Gemstones in The World (Part 1)

From blue diamonds costing around $4 million per carat to taaffeites that are $2,500 per carat, there are many expensive gemstones. The value and worth of gemstones are based on their size, hardness and rarity. They are made from the mineral crystals that are cut and polished by artisans. Some are antique pieces that are solely kept in the museums as showpieces.

Most Expensive Gemstones in The World

In this blog-post by Oren is Better, we are going over the most expensive gemstones in the world.

  • Blue Diamond

Coloured diamonds are the most expensive and rare gemstones in the world. They are the hardest substance found on the earth and are known for their spectacular brilliance. They are available in several colours such as black, blue, champagne, cognac, green, pink, brown, red and yellow. Out of them, blue diamonds are the costliest. They can be as high as $4 million per carat. The Oppenheimer Blue diamond is the largest blue diamond that appeared at an auction and was sold at $57.5 million and weighed 14.62 carats.

  • Taaffeite

Taaffeite is very scarce. It is considered to be a million times rarer than a standard diamond. In 1945, Richard Taaffe, a gemologist discovered this gemstone in a jeweller’s shop in Dublin, Ireland. It is light violet in colour, transparent in nature and is found in only two locations – Sri Lanka and Tanzania. It was identified as a faceted stone before being recognized as an expensive gemstone worth around $2,500 per carat.

  • Red Diamond

After blue diamonds, the second costliest diamond is red ones. It costs over $1 million per carat and only thirty of them are found around the world. The red colour is derived from plastic deformation of the crystal lattice. The largest red diamond in the world, Moussaieff Red Diamond was obtained for $8 million.

  • Black Opal

Black opals have body tones from N1 to N4 and are both popular and rare. They are black in colour with a fiery pattern that looks extraordinary against a dark background. They cost $3,500 per carat and the supply is generally from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia.

  • Benitoite

Benitoite is known for its blue body colour and has a dispersion higher than a diamond. It was discovered in San Benito County, California where it is now considered the state gem. The speciality of this gemstone is that it glows under UV light. The cost of this gemstone is around $3,800 per carat. It is important to buy this gemstone from reputed sellers as there are synthetic opals available.

The above-listed are some of the costliest gemstones found on earth. There are more such gemstones about which we’ll discuss in the second part of this blog post.

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