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A Guide to the Most Expensive Gemstones in the World (Part 2)

In our previous blog-post, we highlighted some expensive gemstones such as blue and red diamonds, taaffeite, black opal and demantoid garnet. But, the list doesn’t end there. In today’s post, we are going over five more examples.

World's Most Expensive Gemstones

  • Alexandrite

Alexandrite is known for its optical properties as it changes colour depending on the lighting conditions. The optical illusion is caused by the rare combination of minerals such as iron, titanium and chromium. It changes colour when you rotate it in your hand as it is strongly pleochroic. It is greenish blue under natural light and becomes soft reddish purple under incandescent light. It was discovered by Count Lev Alekseevich Perovskii in Russia’s Ural Mountains during the 1830s. This was named after Alexander II, the future Czar of Russia in 1834. It has 8.5 hardness and is commonly seen in jewellery. The cost of this gemstone is $12,000 per carat.

  • Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid Garnet is a green gemstone that has adamantine lustre like a diamond and costs around $3,300 per carat. It has golden coloured horsetails that include cat’s eye gems which are its identifying characteristics. During the 19th Century, the mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold identified this gemstone as a variety of andradite. It is very rare, and it is not usually available above 10 carats. This gemstone is small in size and due to its rarity, it is seen exclusively in antique jewellery pieces.

  • Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphire is the world’s rarest sapphire and has a unique pinkish-orange colour which exhibits a mixed colour of ruby and yellow sapphire. Its name is derived from a Sanskrit word for aquatic lotus blossom for its striking colour. It costs around $8,000 per carat and is mined from Sri Lanka. It is also found in Madagascar and Tanzania.

  • Red Beryl

Red Beryl is known as red emerald, scarlet emerald and bixbite and has raspberry pink to purplish red colour. It was discovered in 1904 by Maynard Bixby and can be found in Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. Its red colour may make it look like a ruby. The cost of this rare gemstone is around $10,000 per carat and has 7.5 to 8 hardness. Due to its rarity, it is mainly found in mineral collections.

  • Jadeite

Jadeite is another beautiful and rare gemstone available in several colours such as mauve, apple green and lavender. But, its association with the rich emerald colour of imperial jade is highly valued. It is translucent in nature and costs around $20,000 per carat. These gemstones are a part of history in the Chinese, Meso-American and Maori cultures as they were used in jewellery, historical weapons, carvings and medicinal purposes. Furthermore, they are valued more than gold by the Mayas, Olmecs and Aztecs.

The above-listed gemstones are expensive and are not easily available. If you like valuable gemstones, then you can contact us as we are a jewellery buyer in Toronto having many such options to offer you. Call us or visit our store and get more information.

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