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How do you Calculate the Value of Scrap Gold?

Scrap gold can have a lot of utility when gold prices increase and the financial condition is in doldrums. You can carefully select gold items, teeth ,dental fillings, bars, nuggets that can be sold over the counter and that can fetch you the right price if you exchange the scrap gold for a handsome sum of money. Many gold dealers always calculate the price of gold in secret and often you have no idea about the actual value of scrap gold at all. You can keep a few things in mind and then go ahead and get the best price for your wares.

Remember these key points to get the best value of scrap gold:

  1. Separate your scrap gold in terms of karat weight and then assess its value. Make sure the weight is determined correctly and also find out if the gold is real. This in itself helps you determine whether the gold is real or not.
  2. Always use the magnifying glass to decipher the karat value on each piece of gold that is considered scrap. This is a long drawn procedure and can in many occasions be the decisive factor in determining the true value of your gold. An unreadable value of this can be tested by a reputable dealer and this can be ascertained if you perform a test.
  3. Always test purchase the acid and check for the genuineness of the yellow metal by melting it in nitric acid. The acid allows the gold to resist it and not change at all. The acid then turns brown indicating the lowest carat.

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