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How to Purchase Unique Antique Jewellery

If you are thinking about adding some new jewellery to your collection, consider adding an antique or vintage piece. They are made in a distinct style and manner which ensures you will stand out from the crowd when everyone else will most likely be wearing typical contemporary pieces. Vintage jewellery is also known to hold its intrinsic value which means that they are something that can be passed down for generations and be a treasured item through your family tree.

However, you might find yourself asking “Where should I start and what should I be looking for?” Worry not! We have you covered. Here are some tips that can help you when buying antique pieces from your local jewellery buyer in Toronto.

Purchase Antique Jewellery

Conduct Thorough Research

There are so many varieties available on the market these days that it’s a great idea to know exactly what you are looking for. When buying antique jewellery, you should try and understand the history behind the pieces if and when it’s available. You should not be afraid of asking the dealer about the background of the piece. The key lies in finding a dealer you can trust and build a relationship with. Dealers who have been known to exhibit at various antique jewellery trade shows are your best bet.

If you have an era you are interested in, you can conduct your own research online before you start looking for jewellery to buy. There is a multitude of resources easily available to us today, making it easier for you to be sure about the reputation and authenticity of the piece you are interested in. You can start your research by finding various jewellery associations as they can provide some good resources.

Pay Close Attention to Details

When buying any vintage or antique jewellery, it is important that you assess the condition of the piece. This is why you should make sure you thoroughly check for any visible cracks or chips present in the enamel or the stone. Some other flaws you should look for include discolouration, corrosion, holes,and bumps present on the surface of the silver and gold jewellery. Unlike scratches on the surface, these are flaws that cannot be repaired and so, it can affect its value. If possible, try and purchase antique jewellery that is present in mint or is in really good condition if you want them to retain their value for many years.

Understand the Difference Between Fake and Real

A noteworthy sign that a piece of antique jewellery may be fake is any discrepancies in the signatures or mark present on the piece. Antique jewellers have been known to leave a maker’s mark on all of their pieces. You can use a jewellery loupe or a magnifying glass to examine the item carefully for such marks. Some other clues you may look for include the jewellery’s age and whether or not it is associated with a style or pattern that is common for the specific time period. There is also the possibility of the piece not having any maker’s mark on them at all. In such cases, consult your dealer regarding the background and details of the jewellery as already mentioned above.

Obtain Documentation When Possible

Whenever possible, try and obtain whatever documentation about the origin of the jewellery you want to purchase. This can help add monetary value to the piece while also providing personal value if you intend to pass it on through your family. The documentation you should look out for is the original receipt with the buyer’s name, a photograph of the person wearing it and handwritten notes belonging to previous owners.

Whether you appreciate antique or vintage jewellery for the great deals it is available in or for the fine craftsmanship, it is a wise decision on your part to be well-educated on the subject matter before making any purchases. Taking these steps can ensure you only invest in antique or vintage jewellery belonging to the best quality.

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