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How to Care for Your Opals

Opals are among some of the commonly worn yet most delicate gemstones that need special care and attention. Most people know the stone for its unique and beautiful features and its extreme fragility. Opals can be a gorgeous addition to any piece of jewellery and complement it well. Anybody who owns a piece with one of these gemstones is aware that it needs to be properly cared for and cleaned in order to bring its beauty to its full potential.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your opals maintain their sparkle and prolong their lifespan.

  • Caring for your opals

Opals aren’t mediocre stones that you can avoid caring for. They are known for their brilliant shine and sparkle which require attention to maintain. Opals contain 5-10 % of water, and due to this, they may sometimes become dehydrated and lose their colour.

  • Keep it in a dark place

When it comes to storing your jewellery, be sure to always place it in a dark place. It could be a jewellery box or another type of container. This should be done as opals are naturally sourced from dark areas. Hence, keeping them away from direct sunlight can be beneficial as it enhances the stone’s longevity. The vibrancy and shine of the stone remains intact and it allows the sparkle to live much longer too. Also, since opals contain water in them, they can be considered to be somewhat alive and hence, need to be cared for to allow them to thrive.

  • Carefully check the weather

Whether most people, believe it or not, the weather influences the sense of style for many individuals on a daily basis. If you intend on wearing your opal jewellery on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to check the weather station to see what the day ahead of you looks like. Opals are very sensitive to light and wearing it regularly in direct sunlight can wear the stone out. Wearing it under direct sunlight sometimes is fine, such as if you have an event to attend or even if you are planning to spend the day at the shore. Also, if you only wear your opals for special occasions, you can skip over this tip as you have nothing to worry about.

  • Be cautious of chemicals

It is easy to forget but it’s important to avoid opening your opal jewellery right after washing your hands, wiping down a surface or doing the dishes. You must be careful of harmful chemicals if you want your opals to be vibrant and healthy for a long time. Even the slightest amount of certain chemicals can cause damage to the stone without you realising it. Also, the damage can be irreparable meaning that one tiny little mistake can cost you your favourite jewelry piece. So, make sure to remove your opal jewellery before using a bar of soap, doing any cleaning around the house, or jumping in the shower.

A bit of forethought and by using the suggestions in this opal-care blog, you will get a chance to enjoy many years of service from your stone. If you are looking to sell any antique opal jewellery, contact Oren Is Better, the leading jewellery seller and buyer in Canada at 1-647-234-2274.

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