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How to Sell Gold: A Step by Step Guide

Many people who are holding on to gold, and in need of financial benefits from the same, can get confused. The foremost question in such cases is how to sell gold. To be able to sell gold jewelry and other precious items, you yourself need several preparatory steps so as to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

–          Assessing your resources: to begin with, you need to take stock of what all you may be holding. You need to take a walk around your home and decide on what pieces you are merely holding onto for emotional reasons, or sheer laziness. These may also be pieces that you have completely forgotten about. Round these up and set them aside.

–          Segregate the items: now that you have rounded up the items and set them aside, you could segregate them or come to us at Oren is Better and we will do this bit any which way as a preliminary part of our process. To effectively segregate, you need to make the broad divisions first in terms of jewelry in gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, other items like tea sets and curios, as well as antiques.

–          Research: get on the Internet, where the vast storehouse of information is there for everyone to go through, and educate yourself on the various marks and standards. Then look for these marks and standards on the items that you have gathered. With the marks on gold, you can get a better price. Segregate these pieces and keep aside any tangled and broken objects.

–          Go through the newspaper: go to the economics section and find out the going rate for gold for the current day and past week, within your region. The rate of precious metals changes frequently and it differs for various regions.

–          Get a list: chalk out a list of jewelers and potential gold buyers like Oren is Better. We would suggest that you stay away from pawn brokers as they offer third party rates that will come to you after many commissions have been deducted, leaving you with almost next to nothing. Get a weighing and quote from at least three independent sources before you decide which source is offering you the best price.

Chances are, if you are wondering how to sell gold and if you want to sell gold jewelry, your research will show that Oren is Better gives you the best deal with evaluation and encashment in front of your eyes!

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