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How to Sell Gold: A Step by Step Process

It is easy to up and decide to sell gold or other precious metals and jewelry that you may have lying around the home, unused and uncared for. But before you actually decide to take the step, you need to know exactly how to sell gold, so that you avoid getting ripped off. There is a process that you can follow to avoid any such circumstances:

–          First of all, you need to collect the pieces after you have decided to sell gold jewelry or any other items like silver ware, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, estate pieces which include antiques and more. You need to get these items together and decide on exactly what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

–          Once you have decided to sell gold jewelry and other precious pieces, and rounded them up together, you can get a valuation done. For this, you should go to a reputed source like Oren is Better to get the best possible valuation, which is done in front of your eyes and on the spot.

–          If you want, you can have the pieces and jewelry evaluated from two to three sources so that you are yourself aware of the price and the value of the pieces. This will also help you in deciding which source is the best, and how to sell gold to this source. Also ensure that you ask for the carat value of each of the individual pieces. You can then find out the going rate of the metal like gold or silver, from the newspaper and understand the valuation better.

–          Once you have decided which source is the most reliable, you can take your pieces and for an exchange of the metal for cash. Oren is Better is one of the foremost names that ensures you get the best price, on the spot. We do not send the pieces to a third party for evaluation. In fact, the evaluation is done in front of you after we separate the pieces based on type of metal and carat value.

With Oren is Better, you have someone whom you can truly trust with your precious metals.

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