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How to Spot Counterfeit Watches from Authentic Branded Ones?

Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Chopard, Audemars Piguet, Bvlgari, Chanel, Tissot, Swatch, Hermes, Loius Vuitton, Rado, etc. are some top global brands of watches. These watches not only personify class, luxury and elegance but are an asset considering the enormous price tag attached to them. Most models of these brands cost a fortune and if you are planning to buy a watch, you have to be careful so that you don’t end up buying a counterfeit! The market for branded watches is flooded with fakes and it can be quite a challenge to get your hands on an original one. Here we list out some check points that shall help you spot a replica and get an original one!


  • Familiarize yourself with the brand

If you have made up your mind about which brand of watch you want to invest in, you ought to do some homework and understand the brand. Every brand has its own signature in terms of design, tagline, finish, etc. You should be in a position to tell your chosen brand from the rest that also includes fakes!

  • Scrutinize the watch

After you have set your mind upon buying a watch, it is important that you scrutinize it well. You have to examine the design, material, finish, digits, movement of the arms, waterproof ability, country of origin, etc. Branded watches will be flawless while the fake ones are bound to have some or the other irregularity. If you are going for gold plated options, check the gold for hallmarks. If it is studded with precious stones like diamonds, ask for authenticity certificates.

  • Check the weight

Original watches of global brands are usually heavier than their fake counterparts. They are made of real metals like steel, platinum, gold while cheap metals and alloys are used to make the fake ones, that makes them lighter. Original ones are heavier than the replicas so you can buy watch that is genuine.

  • Look for engravings

Branded watches have engravings somewhere or the other. Either a logo or name or unique model number will be etched most commonly at the back of the watch. These inscriptions will be very clear in case of good brands and unclear for fake ones.

  • Go to authorized shops

If you are planning to invest in a branded watch, you must head to an authorized store rather than general watch shops. While you do so, you need to verify the authenticity of the store. You can do this by locating a company owned showroom that sells and deals with the brand’s products exclusively.

  • Ask for papers

Ask for complete paper in the form of warranties and bills that bear the company logo, seal, etc. Original branded watches come with certificates of authenticity. Shops dealing with fake watches will not bother with paper work.

These are a few broad guidelines to help you identify and invest in a true brand rather than a forged one! Bear these in mind and buy yourself an asset!

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