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Jewellery Care

How to Take Care of Your Jewellery?

Jewellery and precious stones is an asset in a woman’s wardrobe. Accessories and jewels define a woman and create her identity. Make sure you take care of your jewellery by following these helpful tips:

  1. Always put your jewellery aside when you are engaging in activities in the kitchen, washing clothes or gardening. If you wear your jewellery during daily chores, you expose these items to harmful chemicals that could damage metals and precious stones in jewellery.
  2. Make sure you restring your pearl necklaces and beaded jewellery after a couple of years. It is always advisable you do so to maintain them. Studded jewellery too needs frequent care and cleaning. You should keep in mind how often you wear these items. The more you wear, the greater the chances of injury and tear.
  3. Always use mild soap and less potent cleaning agents to clean your jewellery. Use a soft cloth to pat dry.
  4. Visit your jeweler to check the settings of your stones and gems. Don’t tug or try to put jewels in place by using your mere hands. Try seeking professional help and expertise.
  5. Silver jewellery should be wrapped up in tissues and cotton and sealed if not in use.
  6. Do not wear gold jewellery if you are washing or taking a shower. Soap and tap water lead to the formation of a thin film of sediment that can dull the glitter in the gold.
  7. Platinum jewellery should be looked after with utmost care and concern. They should be stored in separate containers and you should be very careful about placing them with other jewellery. Platinum can darken if you mix it up with other stones and metals. Be very careful.
  8. Never use make up or cosmetics or even apply body powder if you have already worn a set of jewellery. This can hamper the strength and shine of these cherished items.

Stay mindful about all the things mentioned here. Chances of your jewellery lasting you generations can be a reality!

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