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How to Take Care of Your Platinum Jewelry?

Platinum is precious and it is needless to say that if you have jewelry set in this white lustrous metal, you need to take care of it well, so that it can last a lifetime. Though this precious metal is extremely hard and durable and does not wear out easily, adequate upkeep is essential to maintain its intense luster. Just like other metals, this metal is also vulnerable to scratches.

Platinum is known to be one of the hardest ever substances found on earth. It is not only hard, but also dense, heavy and hypoallergenic and it also has a natural intense shine that makes it a preferred choice for jewelry makers. Precious stones and most commonly diamonds are set in this metal as it enhances the look of the jewelry to a great extent. Though it is known never to tarnish, there could be occasions when this glow diminishes. But these situations and circumstances can be avoided with requisite care.

Some of the basic properties possessed by this metal make it very easy and simple to take care of it. If you have precious pieces of jewelry that is set in this metal, you can follow these steps to ensure that your jewelry lasts for life:

  1. The first and foremost thing that you need to bear in mind is that, you need to avoid wearing it while doing any heavy duty work like exercising, gardening, cooking, etc.
  2. You must polish your platinum at least once a year with the help of professional jewelers. This will help to get rid of all the scratches that may have appeared over a period of time. You can polish this metal over and over again. This will not harm the metal. The best part of polishing this white metal jewelry is that the chemical composition of the metal is such that no metal is lost while being polished as in case of other metals like gold and silver.
  3.  Apart from this, you should clean the platinum jewelry every week with the help of a jewelry cleaners. You can dip your jewelry in this cleaner for 15-20 minutes and then simply rinse with hot water. You can also use a mild soap solution for the purpose.
  4. Avoid keeping jewelry set in this precious metal with other pieces because other metals may cause scratches on the surface of the precious metal, making it lose its luster and appear dull.
  5. Also insure your precious jewelry made of this metal. If you are unaware of its value, you can get it evaluated by well-known jewelers and get it insured accordingly.

Follow these easy and simple precautionary steps to keep your platinum glowing and looking as good as new.

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