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How to Take Care of Your Wedding and Engagement Rings?

Wedding and engagement rings are very special and have an exceptional place in our lives. They are associated with some of the most memorable times and events of our life. Hence it is very important that we preserve the rings that have been a part of these occasions. Both weddings and engagements are incomplete without rings. Rings form an integral part of the events, which is perhaps why they are accorded a special place in our life. Having pointed out the importance of these rings, it is needless to say that we ought to protect these rings from any kind of damage and preserve the original look of these rings.

Wedding and engagement rings are specially made and designed and are different from ordinary rings and this makes them extremely valuable. Now coming to taking care of rings, how does one take care of a wedding or engagement ring? We have discussed a few ways below which will give you an idea about how to make sure that your precious rings are safe and sound.

1. Insure your rings

The best way to make sure that your rings are safe is by insuring them. These rings have high monetary as well as sentimental value and we are sure that you would want to prevent them from any and every kind of damage. You can go a jeweler for an evaluation and then get an insurance policy. This will protect you monetarily from all kinds of physical damage including thefts.

2. Clean your ring every week

Just like your memories, you would want to keep your ring looking good and new. But everyday use and exposure to heat, sweat, chemicals in cosmetics, etc. make it lose its luster. You can clean the rings by dipping it in a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent. Next you can scrub them lightly with a tooth brush and then rinse with water. Finish the process by wiping it with a soft cloth. Though the cleaning technique by and large remains same for all substances, you may have to opt for specific cleaning methods depending on what your ring is made of.

3. Visit your jeweler periodically

Much as you pay regular visits to your doctor and dentist, it is important that you schedule periodic visits to your jeweler as well. Your jeweler will review the condition of the rings especially the settings of stones as loose settings can let go of the precious gemstones in the rings.

4. Take of your ring while working

Remember to take off your ring while you are engaging in heavy duty handiwork like gardening, cleaning, cooking or exercising. Also remember to keep your rings safely in a box, separate from other jewelry so that there is no friction that may lead to scratches.

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