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How to Identify Fake Platinum

Platinum is a precious metal and is widely used to make jewellery. It is becoming increasingly popular and is believed to be the best testimony of a perfect marriage by many. Some people also refer to it as a “love metal”. However, platinum and silver look very similar, making it difficult to tell them apart. Hence, it is important to know how to differentiate platinum from the other precious metals. You may be cheated when buying platinum jewellery if you are unable to tell the difference between a real piece of jewellery and a fake one. Here are some tips which will help you identify a fake platinum product.

Knowing the difference

Platinum swindlers are constantly on the lookout to exploit naive assumptions that buyers make. This includes thinking that there is no way to differentiate between silver and platinum. Silver, although it is a precious metal similar to platinum, is much cheaper platinum. This can easily be used to exploit you as a buyer.

The most evident difference between silver and platinum is that silver is a softer metal. Hence, if you can scratch a grey-coloured metal simply by using your fingernail, then it is most likely not platinum. This way of testing can be considered to be similar to the “bite” test that people use with gold. Gold is a soft metal can be dented by using teeth. There will be visible marks on the object whereas, with fake gold, there will be no sign of any such marks. Silver and platinum work the opposite way. When biting into a platinum object, you will not want to see the bite marks.

Another way of testing a platinum object is by weighing it. Platinum and silver have dissimilar densities. When calculating the weight of the object, also calculate the water displacement of the object. This will help you calculate an equation which will give you a rough estimate of how much platinum is there in the object. It should be approximately 18 gms/cc, whereas silver will be much lighter at 10 gms/cc.

Considering the source

You should always consider the source from which you are making your extravagant platinum purchase. Does the person you’re getting it from have a good reference, is he/she a truly trustworthy source or someone that you have done business with before? Is the seller someone you are used to buying precious metal products from? Make sure you know the source before making a purchase. Even if it is from someone you have just met, conduct a thorough background check before finalising your purchase.

Distrusting bargain deals

Since platinum is a precious metal, it will be impossible to cut corners and get it for a cheap price. This is only possible if you have a family member or friend that wants to sell the metal at a discounted rate. Being a precious metal, it is not something that can be easily found in a bargain bin.

Hence, if someone approaches you with an opportunity which seems too good to be true, well, it may just be an opportunity which is too good to be true. So be realistic and careful before believing any such instances. This is especially true when purchasing platinum without first seeing it upfront.

Platinum is much harder to dent as it isn’t as soft as gold or silver and weighs much more than each of them. It is vital for you to be absolutely sure before making any platinum purchases and keep yourself safe from swindling. You should know where the platinum is sourced from, who is selling it and distrust bargain deals. Following these steps will ensure you will be safe from worrying about the material you purchase.

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