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Is Engraving a Good idea for Diamond Rings?

Diamond rings are usually most preferred foe engagements, marking an important event in everyone’s life. It is quite obvious for people to want to make their special day memorable in every way they can, just the way they hope to carry forward their relationship till the end of their lives in the form of making a lifetime commitment. Diamonds are most opted for as diamonds are forever. They are hard and do not wear or tear easily and last for years together and are symbolic of a long-lasting relationship.

You can make your engagement all the more unforgettable, by not only buying a diamond ring but also engraving it with a special message. In fact, engraving a ring is a great idea to immortalize the occasion and celebrate the culmination of a relationship. This latest fad is catching up in a big way with more and more people opting for customized messages in various designs and languages.

Gold, silver and platinum are all good for engraving. You can ask your jeweler to engrave a message on the inner side of the ring, though some people also opt for the outer edge. The most important thing that you should bear in mind in case of engraving is that it should be visible and clear so that it is readable. If you select an extremely ornate font or opt for a very long message, then it may not be clearly legible. Also it will be tough for the jeweler to fit in entire script. You can keep these few tips in mind before you choose what to engrave:

  1. Make sure the message or inscription is short and sweet.
  2. Check the engraving, in fact double check the engraving several times for errors before your jeweler finally inscribes it.
  3. Always remember what you have engraved on the ring. This is helpful especially if you ever happen to lose your ring.

Now let us come to choosing a design for inscription. There are many like:

  1. Love symbols like the heart sign or the eternity sign or the Celtic knot.
  2. Date of your wedding or engagement or the day you met or any other day with special significance.
  3. Special words like ‘Love’ in English or different languages.
  4. You can also opt for inscriptions in different languages like Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic as these look very artistic.
  5. Also avoid something that is currently in fashion as that may look weird few years down the line.

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