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Key Facts to Remember While Selling Gold

Selling gold is a difficult task. It is up to your wisdom to sell gold profitably through a smooth process. If you keep in mind the following tips, you can be sure of getting a good price for your gold.

  1. The foremost important thing while selling gold is identifying a genuine buyer, who shall give you a good price for your gold.
  2. Before you select a buyer, you have to ascertain a value of the gold that you wish to sell.
  3. Selling gold requires a thorough survey with different buyers, to know the best price that your gold can fetch.
  4. When you choose a gold buyer, you need to know the basis of their evaluation and the process that is followed by them.
  5. Well known gold buyers, usually have simple processes for buying gold. They are honest and transparent in their dealings.
  6. When reputed gold buyers buy gold, they give money maximum within duration of 24 hours. If a buyer is asking for more time, then you need to look elsewhere.
  7. It is important to know the accurate weight of the gold in order to determine the exact value. This figure should tally with what you have in mind. Make sure that there is consistency in the unit of weight while selling gold. If you know the weight of your gold in grams, then you should insist that the buyer should use the same unit for assessing the value. Corrupt buyers may try to bring in discrepancies in the two units. So you ought to be careful.
  8. Gold has different carats. So while selling gold, make sure that your gold is evaluated according to carat value.
  9. If you are selling gold in the form of different pieces of jewellery, you must group the gold according to carats. Some buyers may want to weigh the gold altogether in lumpsum. Avoid such buyers as you will not get a fair price.
  10. Avoid going through middlemen while selling gold as they will try to maximise their own profits and give you less in the process. So it is advisable that you approach a buyer directly.

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