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Know Your Precious Watch Well and Get Benefited

You might be unaware but branded watches, which are sky-high expensive, are equivalent to gold. When you buy a reputed and pricey watch, you don’t make an investment alone. Instead, you avail yourself a provision to get back cash, just like gold. There are many online stores and physical outlets in Canada, which accept variants of valuables like gold, silver, antiques, luxury items and watches.

Some analysts insist there are many existing watches which are even merrier in price than a Ferrari. Yes, you got it right. Vacheron, existing since 1755, is the proud maker of Tour de I’Ile, which costs $1.5 million (2015). Likewise, framed with 33 complications The Patek Caliber 89, costs $6 million (May,2016); the jaw-breaker Chopard 201 Carat with white and yellow gold hardware and 874 top quality diamonds is worth $25 million (2016).

If you get black and blue, virtually hit with such extortionate instances, then perhaps you realize what a brand name and its worth is capable of. While the brand name matters, don’t get the idea that you are investing simply on luxury. The products are expensive because they have something so commanding that the sellers can ask for a good amount of money.

When you set out to sell your cherished watches which are worth their jaw-dropping looks and exquisite engineering, there are certain things you need to consider to protect yourself from being duped.

  • The reasoning which made you buy the watch, will become the intention next for your prospective buyer.
  • Do not underrate the worth of your watch just because you have used it. Remember, your used watch is indeed worth something to be a part of the business.
  • Hence, before you jump into the thrust of selling, spare some time to do research. Either you find out things on your feet or do some internet surfing to analyze what the competitors are offering for your brand and model.
  • Worn out watch will lessen the value of your watch but buyers also have an eye for wrist-cladding time tellers, which have historical significance and have a story to tell.
  • Whether you intend to sell your watch or not, it is always good to take care of your watch. Careful handling and timely maintenance will help you maintain the quality.
  • Experienced business dealers are experts in their field. They know the risks of accepting unauthenticated watch. They will not entertain such problematic deals. Keep the bill and if possible the original box as proof of your watch’s originality and authenticity.

Many brands are broadly accepted by purchasers like Tissot, Rolex, Cartier, Chopard, Swatch, Chanel, Movado and Rado. Rather than convincing a lone non-serious buyer, it is better to reach knowledgeable professionals, who are already into it and more than willing to invest. Being adept in their profession they will do their verification but remain honest to you and offer true value so that you keep coming to them.

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