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What Metal to Choose for Your Wedding Ring

Preference for gems, design, color and price all affect your selection for the perfect wedding rings. The ideal ring at times seems to exist in the world of chimera. But such thoughts are just dual existence of your anxious self, while tackling with the preparation of your much anticipated marriage ceremony. Thus, it is better to make some planning before doing the actual purchase. The type of metal you select is crucial because, it serves as the base of all stonework and ornate detail.

With the variety of wedding rings and bands out there in the jewellery market, know how one metal is distinct from the other. Jewellery is big investment, a little bit of earlier consideration will save you from disappointment.

Availability of Wedding Ring Metals – Palladium, Gold and Platinum

Palladium: If the name of this metal is unknown to you, then you are not someone who lacks information. It is a new addition in the family of ornaments, which is gaining popularity because of it low price and stunning white lustrous appeal. It belongs to the Platinum family. The low density of this metal, makes the jewellery maker use less metal while crafting the ring; reducing the cost as a whole. Joining palladium with solder can make the joints porous. As a result, palladium ornaments are composed as a single piece and is troublesome to get repaired if required in future.

Being a rare metal, you will find less people proficient in making palladium bijouterie. With its inbuilt strength it does not need plating to protect it, but the sturdiness makes it tough for the craftsmen to work with. When you buy a palladium wedding ring, check for its hallmark described in parts per thousand numeric value like .800, .900 and .950. Settle for .950 as it indicates the concerned palladium ring consists of 95% pure palladium.

Gold: The amazing world of this metal was always heavenly and now the feel of paradise has increased with its accessibility in varieties of colour. Broadly, yellow, red, pink and white gold are comparatively more popular as constituents of wedding rings. Since gold is naturally obtained in yellow colour, the other variants are processed by mixing gold with other metals. Thus, purity of yellow gold is most and accepted in 24karat.

Being an alloy of gold, white gold is derived by the addition of nickel, manganese or palladium. Likewise, the red hint is acquired by the amalgamation of gold and copper, whereas in rose the disparity is achieved by just a minute touch of silver. Evidently, the purity fraction of these variants is less than 24karat and marked with presence of gold in 18, 14, and 9karat respectively.

Platinum: Just like gold, platinum does not need any introduction. The brilliance of this white metal is unbeatable. The fact that it is also scarce makes it one very expensive jewellery integral. The most fundamental facet of platinum is that, it is less susceptible to platina and hence requires low maintenance when equated with palladium or white gold.

Reduced presence, heavy weight and difficult to deal with while manufacturing all-together enhances its price rate. But it is the unattainability which makes you captivates you. The urge to own a peerless piece bestowed with grandeur makes you overlook the expensive factor. Keep in mind, an authentic online or general store will sell platinum rings fully composed of platinum and worth the measure of .950 i.e. 95% pure platinum.

Every metal has its advantages and disadvantages. Definitely your budget matters, but as wedding ring is a one-time buy, keep quality and authenticity on top. Even used wedding rings can be bought from genuine jewelry sellers.

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