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5 Stunning Jewellery Trends for the Bride with Panache

Your dress, veil, garter, and shoes are the most important elements of your wedding day style, but your jewellery is equally essential to putting your dream look together. Your pieces should complement your look without overshadowing your gown and other accessories. With changing trends in wedding styles, including minimalist dresses and makeup, we are seeing more statement jewellery pieces that accentuate your features and personality. If you’re an unconventional bride who enjoys being a little different, we have you covered. Here are some unique bridal jewellery trends that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Best Wedding Jewellery Trends for the Modern Bride

Extravagant Collar Chokers

For most wedding jewellery buyers, the neck is their focal point, and nothing accentuates a bride’s neck more than a bold collar necklace. In an age of minimalism, where simplicity rules the wedding trousseau, extravagant chokers are the go-to accessory for every fashionable bride. You can either invest in diamond chokers or semi-precious ones, depending on your choice and budget. Wear it as a statement necklace for a smart and clean look, and team it up with a deep V-neckline gown or a strapless chiffon dress for a bold yet impeccable wedding look.

Floral Motif Jewellery

It is natural to replicate nature’s transient beauty in art, and jewellery is no exception. Flowers are one of the most commonly used jewellery motifs, with lotuses being the most popular choice. As a symbol of beauty, prosperity, and fertility, this auspicious floral motif has always been a popular choice for jewellery buyers. From bridal neckpieces and earrings to bracelets and rings, floral motif jewellery is back in fashion and more in demand than ever. If you are a bride-to-be who wants to try something different yet artistic, floral motif jewellery is your best option. Available in a range of designs, colours and metal options, you’re sure to find the piece that suits your taste and personality.

Tennis Bracelets with a Twist

Traditional linked-diamond tennis bracelets have been the choice of brides for ages. The modern twist on the original sees diamonds swapped with semi-precious gemstones and the signature squares with hearts and stars. Team a streamlined, simple wedding dress with a sleek belt, choker necklace, statement studs, and tennis bracelet to bring your look to another level.

Big Bold Bracelets

It’s not just Wonder Woman who wears gold bracelets. Bold and chunky cuffs have made a comeback, and we love them. Embedded with precious and semi-precious gemstones, bracelets in floral and geometric patterns are a trending wedding jewellery style. Go minimal on other bridal accessories, like neckpieces and earrings, and let the statement bracelet grab your guests’ attention.

Statement Studs

Earrings come in many forms, from hoops, dangles, and chandeliers to statement studs. While each has its charm and beauty, nothing beats the timeless elegance of stud earrings. The best thing about studs is you can wear them no matter your occasion or style. If you’re keen on trying something subtle yet sophisticated, go for diamond or semi-precious studs. Suggestion: style your hair into a loose bun (adorned with flowers) and choose an off-shoulder, flowy bridal gown, then team it with a bold choker necklace and a pair of matching studs. Bingo! Your bridal look is on point.

Big Cocktail Rings

When it comes to bridal accessories, statement rings add an extra spark to a bride’s look. Today’s cocktail ring designs are vibrant, dramatic and edgy, giving you an effortlessly confident bridal look. Go for classic rings with emeralds and diamonds, or semi-precious ones with attached harness. Either way, you’re sure to rock the bridal look.

Mixed Gems Jewellery

A single gemstone in a geometric shape is trending in bridal jewellery. Some popular geometric shapes for earrings are squares, stars, triangles and ovals. Choose a solid pendant and drop earrings in contrasting colours to your wedding gown. You can also go for mixed gemstone pendants, rings and ear-drops where multiple stones are arranged in a motif.

A wedding marks a beautiful new chapter in a couple’s life. For such a precious and momentous occasion, a woman wants to look her best. However, if you’re not in favour of traditional wedding accessories and want to be a little unconventional, try these above-mentioned jewellery trends. You’ll be sure to create a unique, trendsetting wedding day that will earn compliments.

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