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Money For Gold: The New Way To Go

With gold prices sky rocketing, it comes as no surprise that lots of people are investing in gold and still more are busy selling their pile of gold and silver so as to make a killing. Oren, one of the prime jewelry buyers and gold buyers in Toronto, reports on the matter with its Money for Gold scheme!

Oren has his hands on a few facts that will amaze you. To begin with, did you know that the amount of gold available on this planet today, if turned into a five micron wire, can very comfortably circle the entire circumference of the Earth? That really is the amount of gold that exists in the world today. While most of the gold has already been mined and sold, there is very little left in remote areas and that too in small sized nuggets.

Further, you will find it hard to believe that 161,000 tons of the precious metal knows as gold has been mined in the world till date. This might seem like a colossal amount, yet the truth, as per sources, is that this amount can just about fill up two Olympic sized swimming pools, at best. That points to one very vital fact: gold is a rare commodity because of the sheer quantity and scarcity of its availability. Add to this the fact that most of the available gold in the world has already been mined, and you can do the math! That means that the existing gold bullion in the world is simply a matter of sale, exchange and purchase.

With such statistics at play, it is not surprising to find that from sources that nearly 60% of the existing gold in the world is in the form of jewelry, while 40% is in terms of investment in gold bars and coins. This makes gold all the more precious. Therefore, what we would recommend as one of the top jewelry buyers in Toronto and research experts in the matter, is that you sell your gold under the money for gold scheme and then invest the amount in gold shares or in any other area of your life that has been neglected due to paucity of funds.

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