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Why It’s Okay to Buy a Second Hand Engagement Ring

Are you planning to propose to your girlfriend, but you find yourself in a difficult financial situation? Before emptying your wallet to buy a diamond ring for the engagement, why not consider a second-hand engagement ring?

Engagement Ring

Many people think that engagement rings should never be pre-owned, that they must be bought new as they are the symbol of a new relationship. Some fear upsetting their partner if they ever found out the ring is ‘used’. However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford a big beautiful, and very expensive, diamond ring from a store. Although there’s a cultural stigma attached to it, there are in fact very good reasons why it’s okay to buy a second-hand engagement ring.

Cost-Effective—The most important reason to consider a used ring for sealing the deal is it will save you a lot of money. Some people mistakenly think used means of poor quality, but it’s not true. When you buy a new diamond ring, it can cost you up to $4,000 CAD, whereas the same ring can cost you almost half in the second-hand market. You can save the money and spend it on your honeymoon, or have go towards your joint savings.

No Fear of Devaluation—Diamond rings are not like cars, they don’t rapidly devalue. If well cared for, then second-hand diamond rings can shine and be as beautiful as a new one. Diamonds are after all, the hardest substance known, meaning they’re very durable. Wear and tear won’t be a problem. The diamonds can be used for many years by several wearers without losing their sparkle and charisma.

Eco-Friendly—Pre-owned engagement rings are eco-conscious. Diamonds are rare stones and hence, costly. They were extracted through mining which causes environmental destruction. With a second-hand diamond ring, you make your fiancée happy without causing an ecological chaos.

Certified Sellers—Rather than purchasing used engagement rings from a garage sale, you can get a certified ring from a renowned pawn shop. These stores buy second-hand rings and sell it to you with a grading certificate. With the help of the grading certificate, you can figure out the right price of the ring. So, you get the reassurance that the jewelry you’re buying is genuine.

If you’re looking for the perfect ring for your partner that’s within your budget, then buy a pre-owned engagement ring. Save your money and use it for more important things like you’re honeymoon, joint savings or putting a down payment on a home. Before you go down on your knees and propose, remember that a ring gifted with love is special, be it new or used.

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