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Oren Is Better: The Best Place to Sell Gold

Why is Oren better? Oren is Better is one of the best places to sell your gold because we value your items on the basis of the following considerations to ensure that you get the best possible price for your items:

–          The carat: this is the element that will clearly point to the purity and the weight of the item in question, thus making valuation much more easier. Here, at Oren is Better, we believe in the carat quality very seriously. We take gold items that go from 14 carat to 18 carat, 21 carat, 24 carat, and even gold coins and bullion besides gold jewelry.

–          Silver: as silver buyers, we also invest in silver and other items like diamonds, watches, antiques and more. We again, believe in rightly assessing the carat size so as to be able to give you the best possible price for the items that you bring to us for sale.

–          Hallmarks: hallmarked gold or silver, like any gold or silver buyer will tell you, is one of the best ways to judge the quality of the item and to get the best price. These hallmarks are generally marked on the underside of the item like on the inner side of the bracelet, behind the earring and so on. These marks will help us understand the quality of the gold as most hallmarks are known universally. If you have items that have been hallmarked, it means that they have been procured from reliable sources and can be sold at any given time at the prevailing market rates.

With carats and hallmarks, we ascertain the right value of the item and pay you instantly.

With an eye on quality and on paying you accordingly, we have managed to make a reputation for ourselves in the market; one that stands in the affirmative and draws in regular customers who like to trade in commodities like gold and other precious metals for cash. Oren is Better is a team of people who help you reach the achievement of goals through the timely trading of commodities like precious metals.

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