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How to Protect Your Silver Jewellery from Tarnishing

Silver jewellery is known for its timeless beauty and elegant appeal. The only issue with silver pieces is that if you don’t take care of them they turn black over time and get a dull look. This is called tarnishing, a natural process that takes out the lustre from silver pieces due to exposure to air, moisture and cosmetic products.

Lack of proper storage and care are the primary reasons for silver tarnishing. However, there are many hacks that will help you keep your silver jewellery tarnish-free. Here are some of the best suggestions to prevent your silver pieces from losing lustre.

Store Your Jewellery in a Cool and Dry Place
Storing jewellery in a place that is not exposed to moisture and air is necessary to keep your valuables tarnish-free. Ziplock bags or any other airtight bags with non-abrasive surfaces are the best bet to store your jewellery items. Avoid using polyvinyl plastic bags as they are made of chemical compounds that can cause tarnishing. Make sure that you don’t store any other pointed object with your jewellery items in the same bag as they can cause scratches.

Put Chalk in the Jewellery Box
If you don’t have an airtight bag to store your valuables, then some chalk can help you out. Keeping chalk in the jewellery box along with your sparkling silver jewellery is an old-school way of preventing tarnish. Chalk naturally absorbs moisture and chemical residues in the air and creates a favourable environment for the jewellery to keep shining like new.

Clean Your Jewellery Items before Storing Them
To avoid tarnishing, clean your silver jewellery with a polishing cloth. This will prevent chemicals and water molecules from accumulating on the silver surface, helping it remain clean when you store it. If you store your silver valuables without cleaning, the tarnishing process will speed up because of the presence of chemicals and moisture in a closed environment.

Avoid Applying Toothpaste or Baking Soda
Many DIY websites recommend using toothpaste or baking soda for cleaning silver jewellery. However, both are abrasive materials that can take away the shine of your silver piece and cause scratches on the surface. Also, chemical based products such as bleach and acetone are a big no-no as they can make your silver jewellery look dull.

Use Soapy Water for Cleaning
Washing your silver jewellery with soapy water (warm water with liquid dishwashing soap) is a great way of removing tarnish. Immerse the piece in the water and gently clean it with your hands. Make sure that you completely dry your silver piece and wipe it with a soft cloth before storing it in your jewellery box. If the piece contains a gemstone or pearl, instead of submerging the entire piece into the water, use a cotton swab with soapy water to wash only the silver part.

If you want your silver jewellery items to retain their beauty and lustre, then take proper care of them. Store them in a cool, dark and dry place, clean them with soapy water and wipe them with a polish cloth. Place a chalk inside the storage box along with the jewellery pieces and never apply toothpaste or baking soda on them.

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