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A Quick Guide to Engagement Ring Designs

When buying a diamond engagement ring for your significant other, you’re bound to be excited as it’s one of the biggest events of your life. However, picking one out is in no way an easy job. Selecting a ring that has the right colour, design, stone,and shape requires guidance as it will stay on your partner’s finger for a long time. Many think of it beforehand so picking out a ring is a relatively simple decision to make. For others, however, just the idea of choosing one with a great pattern and the perfect stone can be a challenging task. So, to make this purchase an easier one for you, here are some trendy engagement ring styles to choose from.

Cushion-Cut Rings

This is an attractive piece which has been trending in the past few years and seen on many celebrity’s fingers. The ring has a single diamond at the centre which is surrounded by smaller stones with curved corners. The small stones continue through the two shoulder bands and enhance the overall look. This particular variant makes the diamond in the ring look twice as big as it actually is. The shine of the smaller stones shifts the focus on the central gem and make it appear brighter too. You can opt to have a halo band incorporated in this design for greater glow.

3-Stone Diamond Rings

3-Stone Diamond Ring

The three individual stones that are placed next to each other represent the past, present and the future. It also symbolizes trust, respect,and commitment in a relationship. The large gem at the centre is accented by two smaller stones which creates contrast and dimension. These rings are traditional in the sense that they are sophisticated and versatile. However, you can customize one for your partner to make them see you will be trustworthy in the relationship. All three of the stones are held in place by prongs and the band can have small diamonds fixed on both sides to make it look all the more attractive.

Round Solitaire Rings

Solitaires have continued to be the most popular engagement ring style available on the market. Some surveys have shown that around 53% of married and engaged women have a solitaire. Their settings are easily identifiable from the four and six prongs that hold the gemstone in place. The prongs are strategically placed in a way to allow the stone to reflect as much light as possible, making it sparkle. The round cut of the stone is another way that maximizes its shine.

Teardrop Rings

Teardrop Ring

This is a simple yet elegant option for an engagement ring for your better half. Teardrop rings are a combination of marquise shape with a tapered point at one end and round gems. The tip of the diamond is meant to be pointed towards the wearer to make it appear slimmer and longer. A thin band holds the diamond at the curved centre using two prongs. The band can further be beautified with smaller stones on its shoulders. The cuts on the stone make its graceful and feminine. Its exceptional style can represent the unique relationship that you and your partner have.

Cathedral Rings

The cathedral setting stems from architectural designs which look like a cathedral. When viewed from the side, the band can be seen to gradually rise vertically and encapsulate the gem at the centre in a steeple-like point. This setting can add stability while also lifting up the stone at the centre, resulting in it to capture more attention as the extra light is refracted.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose Gold Ring

The mild and soft shaded rose gold ring will serve as a great choice for your love and provide an extra touch of romance. A round diamond with multiple sides is held in place by six prongs that enhances its design. Two smaller gems can be added on either side to highlight the size of the centre stone. The colour of the band is feminine and pairs well with the sparkling gemstones.

Halo Rings

This is another popular ring type and is famous for its design elements. The centre stone is surrounded with smaller stones, giving the illusion of a more brilliant and larger diamond. This setting reduces the need for a bigger centre stone and is especially great for ones which have a more subdued brilliance like rubies and sapphires. There are literally countless ways for you to create a ring with a halo setting that suits your partner’s personality.

Split Band Rings

This is a rather modern and unexpected model for an engagement ring. The decorative elements present on it is what adds a sense of artistry and gives it dimension. Although a non-traditional piece, it doesn’t skip out on sophistication or elegance in any way. This style can give a nice amount of finger coverage while creating the illusion of a polished and structured look, which works best with elongated stones. There are many varieties available which give you a versatility to add any shape in the centre stone.

Coloured-Gemstone Rings

Coloured-Gemstone Ring

Rich and vibrant gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, morganites, and sapphires are great if you’re looking to set your partner apart from the crowd of brides choosing clear diamonds. There’s so much to love about this type, the first obviously being the bright colours. It allows you to add more meaning and depth to your ring as you can add your partner’s birthstone along with yours, with diamonds or alone. Also, coloured gemstones are significantly less expensive than their clear or white counterparts, making them a more preferred choice.

Organic Rings

These rings are perfect for any nature-loving and laid-back bride. The surface of the ring has a rough and matte finish exploring the perfect balance between perfection and imperfection to create a unique product. These rings can provide an organic feel with various nature-inspired settings.

Picking out an engagement ring for your life partner is one of the most romantic gestures ever. A diamond engagement ring is undeniably an esteemed present they will receive. So why wait? Buy an engagement ring to mark the beginning of a new life full of love, togetherness and commitment.

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