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How to Retain the Shine of Your Wedding Ring at Home

Every element obtained from nature is prone to degradation. This fact also embraces the extremely high-priced jewelry metals like gold, platinum and palladium. Hence, even if you are not so keen towards expensive ornaments, you have likely seen people around you take their precious belongings for occasional polishing. This helps to maintain the dazzling radiance of the big investments for longer usage. Moreover, wedding rings are symbols of someone’s love and is enclosed with priceless memories.

While it is right to seek the expertise of craftsmen, yet you can start the preservation of your priceless collection at home itself.

Few Easy Hacks

How to Maintain Palladium?

Obtained from platinum ore, the oxidation process can make palladium whiter than platinum. With such striking whiteness and hardy build-up, neither does palladium needs a protective coating nor does it gets scratched easily. It also remains unaffected to many natural acids, but due to the soft nature unlike other platinum group metals, it is sensitive to water. Thus, it will withstand collisions better than gold and platinum but is more vulnerable than platinum. Soak the palladium wedding ring in a mild solution of soap and water for few minutes. Brush the details gently with a soft cloth. Use another piece of dry cloth to absorb the remaining water.

How to Take Care of Gold?

With new addition of metals to make high-priced jewelry, nothing can overshadow the irresistible aura of gold. As science states it, gold is one least reactive element. But an ornament made of pure gold is absolutely impossible to locate. A goldsmith finds the soft nature of gold, difficult to work with. Thus, the gold jewelry you commonly wear are alloys of gold. The base metals are responsible for mixing with oxygen to form the tarnish. To protect your yellow gold wedding ring; make a solution of good quality liquid soap with warm water, better if you use carbonated liquids. Keep the rings in there for approximately fifteen minutes. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean the edges and nooks. Wash the rings in another bowl of fresh warm water and dry them with a towel.

Can We Clean Platinum at Home?

Cleaning a platinum ring at home, sounds a bit too courageous deed to be done. But, waiting to take it to the proficient caretaker, there is nothing wrong if you cautiously mend its quality at home. Platinum is made heavy as wedding ring with nearly 95% platinum and 5% alloy constituent. With timely polish, you can conserve your token of love for many years. At home use mild soap and warm water. The procedure is same as in cases of palladium and gold. Never use harsh chemicals and always dry the platinum ring using a dry soft cloth.

The wedding ring is one indispensable reminder of that wonderful moment, when two souls were eternalized as one. Contrast to other ornaments which are matched and worn, wedding rings are hardly taken off the finger. With constant exposure to environment, water, soap and other receding factors, they are more susceptible to disfigurement and require timely upkeep.

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