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Style Tips on How to Wear Rose Gold Jewellery

With the rising craze of colour in fashion, rose gold has become very popular. From jewelleries to watches, handbags and even smartphones, this trending metal has found its place in everything.

What differentiates rose gold from other jewellery metals is its soft, feminine look and its capacity to pair with other metals and gemstones. A perfect mixture of gold and copper alloy, rose gold jewellery is beautiful and makes a stunning addition to any outfit. However, some people may find it difficult to accessorize their rose gold jewellery. Jewellery buyers often choose silver and pure gold as the most trusted precious metals and don’t know how to accessorize their rose gold ornaments. Below are a few inspiring ideas on how to style this gorgeous metal and receive compliments all the way.

Stunning Ways to Wear Your Rose Gold Jewellery

Work Around a Centrepiece

The best way to style your jewellery is to work around one centrepiece. That can be anything, a big finger ring, a statement watch, or a bold bracelet. Wear this centrepiece along with other pieces that are small in size and not too flashy. For example, combine a big dial rose gold watch with thin bracelets and matching gold tones.

Rose gold solitaire

Layer it Up

There’s something so elegant about rose gold jewellery, and they’ll match your style no matter your outfit or skin tone. To achieve a unique and fashionable look, try accessorizing a rose gold neckpiece with other sleek chains in varied lengths and designs. Choose different pendant for every neckpiece. Tiny pendants in pearls, multicoloured stones and crystals are sure to render a defined look a, especially when you are wearing a simple t-shirt with jeans. The layered look is appropriate for any time of the day and suits any style, all because of its versatility and simplicity.

Mix and Match

Rose gold has a vintage charm about it, which makes it a great match for gemstones. Many jewellery designers consider rose gold and gemstones to be a stunning combination. For example, pink diamonds, pink tourmaline or pink sapphires blend seamlessly with the rosy metal and give it a uniform look. The transition from rose gold metal to gemstone is pleasing to the eyes and they both complement each other. Even darker gemstones in purple, moss green and black add a touch of drama to your rose gold jewellery, and give it an arresting look. Choose gemstones that complement your personality and upgrade your fashion quotient.

Match with Nudes and Neutrals

Rose gold jewellery has a gorgeous pink tint and goes perfectly with nudes and neutral coloured outfits. Wear off-white, beige, blush hues and sand pinks with rose gold jewellery for the perfect match. Solid neutral colours such as navy, cream, gray and white also look great with rose gold ornaments and accessories. The soft tones of the jewellery and the outfit combine to create a smart and sophisticated look.

Minimalist Rose Gold Bracelets

Wearing a simple and chic rose gold bracelet can do wonders to your dressing style. Perfect for work-wear as well as casual wear, these handcuffs can be combined with any of your outfits. Whether you’re going for a business meeting or a night out with your friends, minimalist rose gold cuffs are perfect for achieving a stylish, confident look. Being sleek and simple, you can wear them daily and make a style statement. Colourful beaded bracelet with small rose gold pendants for a more casual and boho-inspired look. Wear a single bracelet or stack several of them for a bold, yet effortless appeal.

Rose gold bracelets

Statement Finger Rings

A textured or studded rose gold ring is all you need to add sparkle to your look. In contrast to yellow gold, these sparkling rose gold bands effortlessly match your skin tone and make you look gorgeous. Sometimes, all you need is a statement ring to complete your look. There are several ways to style your rose gold band to suit your outfit and occasion. Wear it alone with a corporate attire for a smart appearance, or stack with a couple of other rings for a casual style statement. Try adding yellow gold and copper rings for more contrast and style.

The next time you go shopping for some jewellery, choose rose gold items. Stylish, elegant and versatile, it is the choice of any modern fashionista who wants to try something different from the traditional gold and silver ornaments. Rose gold pieces are also available in several forms such as filled, rolled and plated, which are more affordable than 14K or 18K rose gold items. There’s always something to suit every budget, taste and style. So, take time to weigh your options and pick what’s best for you.

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