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Running Short of Money? Cash for Gold Schemes Can Come to your Rescue!

The buzz is everywhere and why not? After all, it’s an easy way to get some cash when the roller-coaster stock market is consuming all your hard earned money. With the soaring gold price in every week, a “cash for gold” scheme is brewing curiosity in the homeowners like never before. And then again, it’s a great way to put your old jewellery pieces to some use. Till now, everything seems really exciting as you will earn instant cash and what more you could ask for?

But, what if you do not get the real value of your gold jewellery? What will you do, if the local pawn shop cheats you? Most of the time, you are actually helpless. So, hold on before you plunge in. Do your homework, so that you can sell your piece of jewellery for its actual gold content. And, before you do your test run, we have got some good tips on getting the best rates.

Suspect and Inspect: When it comes to selling your gold jewellery in lieu of cash, you are likely to get cheated by every second gold buyer. So, you have all the rights to suspect each quote you receive. And now comes the inspection part, where you need an eagle’s eye to know what the best price is. A jeweller’s loupe comes handy for the error-free inspection. See inside the rings and clasps to check the markings that indicate gold content. Gold content is determined in terms of karat and you will see marks like 14 karat or .585, 18 karat or .750. And there will be unfamiliar stamps as well. For that you can resort to the search engines. However, we would suggest you to buy a gold test kit so that you can do all the works by yourself.

Be Wary with Your Precious Stone: Before you scrounge all your old jewellery pieces, make sure you detach the precious stones (if there are any) from each of them. Because, you are not sure, if the gold buyer, who guarantees you a huge cash instantly is a cheater. He might get your precious stone replaced with a similar over-the-counter stone. This way you might lose a fortune. Many pawn shops do not offer you the actual price claiming that there is a little amount of gold in the jewellery as most of the part is consumed by the stone. However, with a legal buyer, the scenario is completely different. They have a legitimate appraisal procedure. Check out more at https://orenisbetter.ca/how-it-works/

Right Calculation is Important: Well, we are not gold dealers, so we cannot do the appropriate evaluation, but we can reach close to it. Use an online calculator to assess the current market value of the metal. And the result you get is 100 percent valuation. Now, if you are selling via middleman, a percentage of the actual valuation will be taken by him. It’s better to go to someone who does not involve middleman for the entire transaction. This way you will be profitable and end up making more money.

But, BEWARE of We Buy” Gold Stores because they will offer you probably the worst rate. They will continuously try to lessen the value of your gold considering its age, but keep in mind that the gold value does not change with age. So, before you sell your gold for instant cash, make sure you have done a thorough evaluation of the same. Normally jewellery stores and legal dealers are the best people to help you as they do the appraisals in front of you to offer you the best rates.

So waste time no more! It’s the perfect time to exchange your gold for a specific volume of cash. Now, gather up your broken chains and earrings and bracelets and sell it out to a reputed dealer. We assure that you will get a great price.

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