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“My name is Barbara and would like to share my story. I was completely lost when my 7 year marriage broke down. I was left to fend for myself. With no family to support me, I didn’t know which way to go and who to turn to. All that my husband left for me was the house. But maintaining the house and paying all the bills was not easy and soon my savings depleted, leaving me in dire need of money. This I when I thought of a great idea! I had a diamond stone in my ring, which was given to me by my ex-husband. I then decided to sell it. There was no point in holding on to memories that were more of a burden for me. The money helped me catch up with my bills, which definitely helped alot.”

Does this story sound similar? Have you heard of different situations where people had to sell their precious jewelry for money? Diamond rings are close to our hearts and it’s tough parting with them. But you never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in one day if things don’t go as planned. It’s always good to be aware of certain facts regarding the sale of precious gemstones. One good thing is that the demand for diamonds has gone up in recent years, thanks to developing economies like China and India. This makes it a great time to sell these precious stones, however the procedure can be a pain for inexperienced sellers.

Consider the following points if you’re planning on selling your diamonds!

1. Know the value of your diamonds.

It’s important to know the exact value of your diamonds before you sell it. You can ascertain this value by hiring the services of a qualified appraiser who can evaluate your diamonds on the basis of cut, carat, clarity and colour. On the other hand, you can bring them to Oren and we can do a Free Assessment.

2. Set realistic expectations.

Once you know the value of your diamonds, you now have a range of prices you can expect to sell it at. It’s important that you adopt a practical attitude in this and not set very high prices amounting to unrealistic expectations. Factor in a discount as your jewel is used and it may have scratches so set a price accordingly.

3. Weigh out your selling options.

You can either sell your diamonds to individuals or to a jewelry buyer such as Oren. Selecting a buyer does not solely depend on the highest price, but also on the fact about who can pay you faster. Someone may offer you a very good price, but offers to pay you on consignment which can take months to sell. We at Oren are one of the largest and most reputable jewelry buyers, you can be assured we will offer you the highest value and instant cash.

Selling precious stones is no easy task. But if you have done your homework, there is no reason for you to be worried. If you’re planning to sell your diamond ring, Call Oren Today for a Free Assessment.



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