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Sell Diamonds: and Know Their History Too!

At Oren is Better you are not only assisted in selling silver. You can do the same with your diamonds as well. Wanting to sell diamonds in today’s world where it is a sought after commodity, comes as no surprise at all. In fact, many people hold loose diamonds or diamond jewelry passed down through their family. Many of us see diamonds on wedding rings or simple earrings. Still others have an odd diamond jewelry set that would have found its way into their closet as a part of the wedding day trousseau.

So what do diamonds mean to you? To know the answer, we must first examine the history of diamonds. Diamonds were first mined and discovered over four thousand years ago all the way in India. The river beds of Godavari, Krishna and Penner were replete with these stunning gifts of nature, glistening away in oblivion until they were discovered. In fact, such was the glittering value and estimation of worth attached to these rocks, that even ancient Romans and Greeks held the belief that they were the tear drops fallen from the eyes of Gods and splinters from stars traveling across the moonlit sky, descended onto the Earth. Diamonds were also said to have had magical and healing properties.

In fact, in many cultures around the world, especially India, people wear a diamond ring to heal some astronomical problem that may have been diagnosed by an astrologer after careful examination of one’s birth charts and the movement of the stars. The diamond in question will be prescribed depending on the intensity of the problem: the wrong star in the wrong house for marriage, business, and a series of other life situations. The caratage is like the milligram prescription in this case.

There are many cases where a person would like to sell diamonds so as to be able to buy a new diamond of the right caratage for fixing a certain astrological problem. At Oren is Better, we understand these things. In fact, you can come to us for selling silver items as well; items that are simply lying on your shelves and gathering dust can actually earn you quite a packet. Come to us and learn how!

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