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Most people buy precious metals and diamonds as an investment, which comes with the promise of price appreciation and immediate returns whenever sold. However, when it comes to dissolving this investment; selling silver, gold or platinum may still be easier, as compared to the uphill task of selling diamonds.

The reason lies in the absence of quantifiable and objective measures to determine the resale price of diamonds. This not only makes it difficult to sell diamonds, but also, decreases the chances of striking an authentic and fair deal. It is therefore, important to save all your purchase invoices to help ascertain the cut, clarity, carat and color of your diamonds, for any future resale.

However, in case of gifted pieces of diamond jewellery that you want to sell, get an appraisal from a reliable source. For that you may either consult a professional assessment expert, or a diamond buyer/broker. Taking more than one opinion gives a better idea and we at Oren is Better definitely recommend this. Not many jewellery buyers will recommend this we do because we are certain you will get the most cash for your jewellery from us.

Once the specifications of your diamonds are clear, it is best to roughly ascertain a price. Anyone who decides to sell diamonds must know the prevailing market rates and fix the price accordingly.

While selecting the right buyer, one must consider factors such as best price and quick settlement of the deal. One may sell to individuals or to dealers, pawn brokers and buyers from the jewellery industry. If you are looking for the best buyer of diamonds, antiques and precious metals in Toronto, opt for Oren. They are the perfect choice for selling silver, gold, and diamond jewellery in the area and enjoy a reputation of being reliable and safe.

Oren is Better is known to provide convenient and quick, professional services to all its clients, either via mailing order system, on location visits or through their secure office in the heart of the city. While selling diamonds may be tough emotionally, Oren makes it easier with the best offering in terms of services and resale price.

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