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Sell Gold Coins: Know Your Worth

To be able to sell gold coins, you must first know various facts about gold. These facts are at our disposal here at Oren is Better, your expert gold and silver buyer. You can also sell gold jewelry to us.

Knowing more about gold is like knowing more about a commodity that has been a firm fixture in many cultures all over the world. In the ancient times, gold was used to anoint men and women in power, while the ancient Romans and Greek believed that gold has magical healing properties. Gold was first found on the river beds in faraway India before it was brought out to various countries and continents. The reason why gold has always been so popular is that it is a great inductor and can catch on to the body temperate really soon which makes it comfortable for long term wear. In fact, people in many parts of the world wear gold on an everyday basis; there are pieces in their wardrobe or collection that are for everyday use; pieces that they do no change for years at any end unless it is for a special occasion where they might wear something more appropriate and festive looking.

Additionally, gold can be molded by hand and yet is one of the hardest metals to be found on earth. This make gold an all the desirable commodity. The amount of gold that exists is almost all the gold that could have been mined from within the bowels of this planet. Therefore it is all the more valued and considered even more precious, because it is now a rare metal. Gold is indestructible as well which makes it a safe metal.

To sell gold coins, one must know the caratage and weight. This holds true for those who want to sell gold jewelry as well. A 24 carat piece is the purest form of gold where the gold part of the alloy is said to be 99%. With the properties of gold and an intrinsic knowledge of the metal, we at Oren are considered experts in the field and one of the fairest and most trust worthy as far as gold buyers in the Toronto region go. Do visit or call us to know more!

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